The CSA are breaching my human rights

August 29, 2014

I am so mad this is going beyond a joke. I’ve now made my 8th complaint.

I have had to leave my full time employment because i cant afford to feed my children living at home, i cant afford to go see my children not living with me.

I sent a letter three weeks ago recorded delivery so i have evidence of who at the Crewe office has signed for it stating i am self employed. I cannot ring as my phone bill for last month just to calls to the CSA was £100 i couldn’t afford this so my phone has been switched off.

I am getting numerous calls asking about previous loans i had with my x wife and calls stating i have to pay £40 per week as from now when i haven’t even got any work yet how can a calculation be made when i have no work.

I have asked on 8 occasions for a schedule of my payments and statements regarding my arrears. How much i have paid arrears and how much maintenance im paying. I have been informed by my MP George Marsden that he is now willing to take my case on as the CSA are in complete breech of my human rights.

I have asked that all correspondence to be done in writing as i am getting no where speaking to CSA’s incompetent staff.

I am sending my self assessment tax calculation for the year 2011 to 2012 into the crewe office which shows my earnings for that tax year were £7,200 this years assessment will be similar so i cannot afford £40 per week and then a ridiculous amount added for arrears.

I am told if CSA calculation is incorrect and i overpay during this year they will not refund me the moneys paid. How is this legal?

All correspondence between me and them will now be copied and sent to my MP for further investigation.

Please could you advise me of the complaints procedure outside of the CSA as i wish to take this matter further.


  • Bill says:

    £40 per week is probably a default maintenance decision made because they have not previously had information about your self employed income after you left your PAYE employment if you are only sending in your 2011/12 returns in now.
    Why did you wait so long to tell them you are self employed?
    You need to send in your 2012/13 returns as well so they are kept up to date.

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