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I lost my job because of the CSA

I was seperated from my childs partner and tried to arrange a private payment with her as she was on benefits but she refused…. she or the jobcentre contacted the c.s.a and they decided that i was to pay £108 A WEEK!

I was working and making approx £190 a week with full rent, shopping and was in a new relationship with another child, anyway this fight went on where they eventually arreseted my wages and took all money over £80 a week off my wages and forced me out of my job.

I ended up payinf £70 a month payments to them for years and out of the blue they arrested my wages and are now taking £219 a month to pay arrears that accumulated in 97/98/99 where they wanted the £108p/w.

Iam also paying £300 monthly to my other ex for 3 kids but not through the c.s.a so basically over half of my wages is going to maintenance and what is left is barely covering my rent/ food . contacting the c.s.a they will not help me, or reduce the payment…. it is only arrears left as my child is 19 and in F/T employment.

At my wits end with nowhere to turn.. is there anything i can do please?

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  1. On CS1 the maximum you pay for one child is 30% of your net income.
    Sounds as though you were assessed with an interim maintenance assessment type A which was imposed if no income details were available this is one and half times the maintenance requirement.
    If the case is not closed this can be converted to a full maintenance assessment by providing evidence of income details for the relevant dates. If the case is closed unfortunately the conversion route is not available.
    The arrears can not be written off as they are due to the Secretary of State if the PWC was on benefits.

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