I don’t want to hinder my ex because of overzealous CSA

August 31, 2014

I changed jobs nearly 2 years ago, and despite contacting the CSA a couple of months after starting my new job, they finally “caught up” with me yesterday.

My ex and I have a great relationship, and we both had decided to wait until the CSA contacted my employer instead of me paying her directly. Anyway, long story short, the CSA have doubled my payments to £72 a week, or £303 per month. Arrears for 18 months or so are at £5385.

They want a minimun of £122 per week. After doing my sums, I have realised I simply cannot afford to work. I dont want my ex or my 2 boys not getting the money they deserve or need, but what would happen if I stopped working (a job i have done for years and love btw). Would she still get £72 a week from CSA, if I was signing on?

A drastic measure, but after rent and utilities and CSA, I am left with around £50 per week to live on. I see my boys every weekend, but this is self defeating, as I wont be able to have them over, which is really hurting if i am honest. Is there an appeals procedure? Is there a means test? I dont want to hit my ex financially if I can help it. Any help or advice very much appreciated.


  • derek miller says:

    as Gail said ask your ex for a private agreement and come to an arrangement with her. The CSA will play dirty tricks like withholding the money for months at a time so that to cause a rift between you and your ex. But if you call them and state constantly that their demands are causing you mental and financial stress you should be able to get the recovery rate dropped to 30% instead of 40%. and always record every conversation with them.

  • Teresa says:

    I don’t understand why, if you and your ex have such a great relationship as you say, you are using the CSA anyway? You do realise that the supposed purpose of CSA is to recover child maintenance on behalf of those that have no other way of getting their exes to pay for their children don’t you? The two of you should have an arrangement between yourselves. Who contacted the CSA initially? Why do you use the CSA if you have no need to?
    I’m sorry but it’s people like you that keep giving them a reason to exist, I mean no offence. Men like you who want to, and believe it is only good and proper to, provide for their children are extremely easy pickings for them. You and your ex need to stop using CSA ASAP!

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