CSA keep sending me other people’s confidential details

August 30, 2014

My CSA hell goes back to the first time of dealing with them. I initially had a private pay agreement with my ex who has custody of my son, who I see every other weekend for the full weekend. After never missing a payment in 3 years, my ex then decides she would take the CSA route for CM. No problem, or so I thought…

So contact with then info sent to the CSA…the weeks went by, and by and then a letter came with all the calcs on how much I needed to pay, all sorted. Then 2 days later another letter with diff calcs and a diff amount, oh heck ! then the next day another letter with more calcs and a 3rd diff amount.

Brilliant I thought, maybe I can pick from the 3 amounts how much I pay hehehehe. Anyways tel calls and weeks go by and by and finally a fixed amount agreed.

A year down the line and my job circumstances changed, informed the CSA who this time were quick to reply with pages of calcs and new amount, keep turning the pages and find another persons details stapled to the back of my letter, name, address, NI number, payment details, childs name etc….rang them up and was told to ignore this part of the letter.

Following a quiet CSA period I then received a letter asking me to supply them with further details so they could proceed further with a child’s college application? not my child, and details of the child in the letter included who date of birth which meant she was only 12. College at 12 ! Rang them up and was told to ignore the letter. 2 weeks went by and received the same letter again, rang them up and told to ignore the letter…’difficult’ I commented ‘ when you keep sending me it’.

I have since received another persons details again and told to ignore it.

3 year ago I was made redundant, spent 9 month on JSA and then set up self employment. After informing the CSA of my redundancy and JSA claim, they proceeded to try and take the full amount out of my bank for the next 2 months, which I had to ring the bank and stop, which I then got charged for.

They have recently just billed me for £780 arrears, after querying there factually wrong figures they then corrected the amount of arrears to £440….all this took nearly 12 month to sort out. As my self employment was a new vent my earnings were extremely low and could not afford any CSA payments. So they took me to court for the £440.

I took with me an income and expenditure together with my accounts up to date which proves that I don’t have spare money, if I did I would gladly pay my CM. On attempting to hand them my income and expenditure they refused to look at it saying they were not interested, ‘so how do you work out my CSA payments’? I queried.

They pondered this question and then took a look at my In and Ex….after studying it for a minute they made a comment about non essentials, ‘which ones’ I asked…….’oh, well things like rent, council tax and maybe gas and electric’………….unbelievable!


  • KMcQ80 says:

    If the CSA send you another person’s personal details, the CSA are in breach of the Data Protection Act,Do phone the CSA, you are wasting your time (when you eventually get through to someone who know what they are talking about) and nothing will be gained.

    Go to the media.
    Expose this incompetence.
    You are not alone in receiving other people’s personal information and by going to the media hopefully other recipients of other people’s personal information will come forward.
    This will expose the CSA and their staff for what they are.
    A self serving public sector body where, their jobs, their careers, their overtime, their bonuses, come first.

    The public they deal with come much further down their list of priorities. .

  • bob says:

    Report them to the information commissioners office. That will cost them a fair bit in time. Equally the CSA wouldn’t give two hoots. Ive finally managed to rid myself of them by sending a declaration that i oversee all maintenance. Pay this directly every month and sent in a charge sheet for any activity they do eg; impose a DEO on my wages i take them to court and they are liable for the maintenance +£500 per occurrence.

    i pay one pound more than CSA recommend just so i can say if you do this she is losing money!

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