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Proud not to help

In 1800, Emily Pankhurst threw herself under a horse for the Womens Suffragette Movement, there was MORE PUBLIC OUTCRY for one woman who deliberately threw herself under a horse than all the men who commit suicide for the sake of MONEY and the CSA.

I consider that forcing men to pay high amounts for children they are denied the right to see is CHILD ABUSE! It seems a joke when a parent shouts at a child, they are “emotionally abusing” their child but to stop any parent from seeing their child is not considered as child abuse.

I choose not to see my kid for reasons which are known to me, members of my family and the “other family” of whom I do not wish to know since my Sister passed away, my front room window and threats to kill me and harassment took place in December and I am not interested in rebuilding any Father/Daughter relationship in any event.

I was accused of not talking to my Daughter in a local KFC which I did say “Hi” to her and left her alone with her friends and sat on another table with my former partner. A few days later, hell broke loose at my home and I was reported as a “missing person” from over SIX MILES away by my Daughter and her family.

I was also involved in a local charity helping others for many years and was reported to the DWP for being PAID as an unpaid volunteer thus nearly losing my entire benefit. I was paying CSA for an entrapment case child where the mother lied to me aobut being on the pill which now becomes quite the norm for all ENTRAPMENT CASE Fathers and are eventually “shown” their child many years later with assistance of one of my relatives telling them my business.

My personal mail has not been delivered to my home as frequently as it ought to be and my emails and other internet sites have been hacked into. Am I proud to be a Father to this child that is supposed to by my Daughter, No I am not and I totally disown her, my family and anyone else connected with her and her family.

To make threats to kill me, smashing my windows, harass me and nearly driven me to suicide is UNFORGIVABLE especially after I lost my Sister. I hope they read this because they never know how much they have broken me down and if they claim they love me as a Brother, Father and anything else how they see me, they got a funny way to show it by making threats etc after losing their Sister, Aunt and Daughter.

I am disgusted that other members of my family SUPPORT those who made threats. I am happy to be out of your lives but not happy living in the same town as YOU ALL! you all wished me dead,you nearly had it as anyone could have been sat in my settee when my window was smashed directly behind their head! Families, who needs them , I don’t!

3 thoughts on “Proud not to help

  1. Emily Davison got in front of the king’s horse on 8/06/1913 and subsequently died of her injuries.
    Public opinion was divided while most were upset because she upset the races being run.
    Emmeline Pankhurst died on 14/06/1928 in a Hampstead nursing home of natural causes.

  2. @ Bill…lol…trust you to correct this author…now tell him something that might make him feel better…sigh!!!

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