Be reasonable – 25% of your wage is fair!

May 24, 2021

I feel the 16% I pay for my two Children which equates in reality to 25% of my wage once tax is deducted is fair!

Thats right guys 25% of your wage for your Children to live a healthy and good lifestyle makes absolute sense.

But I also pay the Mortgage which means I don’t have enough to live on myself, but hopefully the courts will settle the matter soon.

I guess what I’m getting at is even if I was to go self employed I would still give my ex 25% as I will feel like I have failed as a parent if they didn’t have a good lifestyle.

I just wish my ex took a bit of pity and Mercy in my current situation and gave me some financial relief, as if I was a different person I may have quit my job or committed suicide by now.

But I know it won’t be forever and if my kids have a good roof over their heads and all I’m paying is 25% of my wage, then I can finally and almost emotionally move on with my life, just a shame its taken 4 years to get to this point!

Just try and be reasonable and when emotions run high, remember your children matter most.

Greedy wife earns twice as much and is financially crippling me!

May 17, 2021

I split up with my wife February 2020. We came to an arrangement of £255 a month maintenance I have two kids who are three and one she asked me for a recent wage slip so she knew I was paying the right amount. She asked me for £285 another which I cannot afford so I decided to go through CMS get it sorted properly…. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE… they worked it out to £291.91 and told me she had no right to ask me for a wage slip and advised me not to make a payment in May 2021 and start paying her by direct debit starting from June 2021.

I informed my wife of this she wasn’t happy and asked CMS to recalculate it that are now saying I have to pay £295 a month with £374 arrears… after I’ve paid my rent together with CMS payments I’ll have less than £500 a month to live on and that’s before utilities and food is taken out its gonna cripple me… my wife earns nearly twice as much as me and tells me she is struggling for money but sends me pictures of my three year old daughter having her ears peirce costing £50 and a new car on finance and is going on holiday twice this year I just feel like I’m being taken for a mug.

CSA: men-hating feminists!

May 4, 2021

Having spent over £12,000 to actually see my kids, the mother of the children then went running to the CSA to see how much more money coud be extracted from me, even though she said she wouldn’t..

The CSA have been persuing me for years now, even with threats of prison, they put a charging order on a property I was investing in for the kids and even stole over £8000 from a bank account and are still persuing me,even though the kids are looked after financially by me and want for nothing.

The property I had the charging order slapped on was an investment for the girls but even so, I stopped paying the mortgage as I thought this was a massive injustice. When you speak to anyone of the arseholes that work for the CSA, it soon becomes pretty clear that they are not at all interested in the children, just money, pretty much like the mother of my kids.

As with every institution in this country, men are seen as the lowest of the low and consequently are treateed with absolute contempt.Facts and the well being of the children are irrelivant where the CSA is concerned, just as with most of the claimants.

I would like someone in government to do a study to find out how much the CSA has actually cost the tax system in this country, because I know of people who are prepared to sacrifice their jobs and careers just to escape the clutches of the CSA and its grasping ways.

The CSA should be disbanded immediately as all it does is ruin lives and relationships and I dare say with some conviction, costs the country as a whole millions in the tax take.