CSA doing what they when they want!

November 4, 2019

I will try and keep this short and sweet. I have 2 girls that I have been paying £250 a month for but was not good enough. CSA went back to my ex wife and said you can actually get more money. They advised her and me I should pay £500 a month? I then set up an arrangement with her for £400 a month which she agreed and have it on text message and never missed a payment only to get paid on Thursday and after checking my payslip CSA went direct pay and took £813 direct out of my pay and I don’t understand how these monsters can do this. I called them to ask why and they just keep saying the sent me correspondence which I have received nothing. I asked him how they can help to get an answer well the short answer is no and we will take £813 this month next month and the month after this. How am I suppose to survive. The CSA are animals and a law to them self. I need help and advice big time.