CSA made up what they thought my business was earning

September 30, 2012

OK, was contacted by csa in 2011 and advised my business was earning 800pw (totally fabricated) and i owed £120pw cs, when asked where they got there figures they spewed out some jargon blah blah. i argued it and they said tough, soooo i appealed and sent in my accounts, they went for a liability order and got it for £5k, i appealed again and sent all documentation etc of my monthly income which went to courts to confirm if they would accept appeal and go to court, they did (yeeeesssssss).

The courts ordered csa to relook at my accounts and file and today 28th Sept 2012 i got a letter stating my payments were not even half of what they’d made up.

The moral of the story guys (not gals) appeal and appeal again Read more

Can the CSA hound me after 10 years?

September 30, 2012

I have just recieved a note for the CSA claiming I have £2,800 arrears for my two daughters due to underpayment.

Payment where taken direct from my wages so how has this happened. Now the thing that really upsets me is that my eldest is now 26 yrs old and my second is 24 yrs old !!! hey both have children!!

Can they do this. I am re-married have two young children and a wife with Lupus/Vaculitus which is acute and life shortening.

I cant cope with this. Can they hound me after 10Years or so .

Ex wants to see me on the street

September 30, 2012

My son decided to go and live with his father. As he was 15 yrs of age I had no say in the matter, I was verbally abused for years and despite being divorced since last dec and sep for over two years am still trying to deal with the emotions.

My ex has decided that he won’t be happy till I am out on the street and pot less and is doing his hardest to try and do that. He tells the CSA that I don’t have my son at all and I am fighting that with them at the mo.

I had a letter this morning to tell me that the CSA will be taking £368.88 from my wages next month for my son and arrears. Only of 2 months while this is being set up yep I only earn just over £500. Whilst I would willingly pay for my son yet I begrudge it going to his dad who uses it for holidays  etc.

Him and his girlfriend he lives with earn roughly £90,000. I earn £6,000.  I am on my own and disabled.  I’m sorry but would rather kill myself than give him the satisfaction of knowing that he can still bully me from a distance.

I absolutely hate the CSA for what they are putting me through. Thanks to them when I have my son I can’t really afford to feed him as his father doesn’t give me any money back for that time.   So they are giving my ex the power to keep on attacking me from a distance !!!!!

CSA takes my money without checking my sons are in education

September 29, 2012

I have paid my maintence for numerous years. Whithout checks? My sons (age 17 and 19) have not been in constant college. They was enroled at the age of 16.. (legal requirement age of maintenance unless in 12 hours education a week! Which is not so) and did at the most 24 hours of college before being removed.

Yet me as a father still providing maintainance which is against the law as they are fit for work and in no education whatsoever!

Please let me remind you, you as a company are taking money out of my wages unlawfully without making checks and proof that my eldest son is in education. My son has no further education and has been enrolled into colleges on which he has been dissmissed. So therefore no education is being provided.

My son is able to work!

Yours Mr S Taylor

Good fathers suffer at the hands of the Child Support Agency

September 29, 2012

Following my son’s birth, no access was agreed with Mum. To cut a long story short, I therefore spent £25,000 in the family courts to gain good access arrangements until a final shared parenting order was agreed. Mum (good job) had a live-in partner (also working).

They agreed never to allow my son to call me “Dad” in their company. They alienate the paternal family constantly in his company.

I pay every month still to the CSA but at no-time (even in 4 weeks total conatct of the school holidays) does Mum provide clothing etc etc. I struggle and yet they do not. Good fathers who love their children are treated terribly under this sysytem and who suffers…. the child or children.

Requested statement from the CSA 3 times, but still do not have it

September 29, 2012

I am writing about my husband’s CSA nightmare. He has been paying child maintenance for his 11 year old daughter through the CSA for 10 years. They have made many mistakes in that time but their newest decision is to up his payments from £187 per month to £386 per month to his ex.

He, of course had absolutely no warning of this, they just started taking it off his wages almost 3 months ago now. He has been on the phone to them almost constantly since.

Every time he gets a different person and a different reason a to why these payments have shot up so dramatically. He was meant to be paying £126 because we had Read more

Anyone had a refund from the CSA on money they have overpaid?

September 28, 2012

Hi, has anyone had any luck with getting back a refund from CSA due to them taking wrong amount via a DEO?

My husbands ex took him to CSA in June, even though he has paid religously via private agreement every month, but we are dealing with a greedy PWC who always wants more. Anyway, he was pretty much bullied into accepting a DEO on his wages and from them first contacting him, to the first DEO being taken was just a matter of weeks! Not bad hey. So while they worked this out, arrears had accrued and they advised that they would be taking 460 from his first DEO pay to cover this.

Ok move on to August and they decide to help themselves to another 460 instead of the usual 4 weekly payment which is half this amount! To complicate matters further, my husband was made redundant in August, so a reduction in future maintenance is not an option as he is a uni student now and he is exempt from payments for next 4 years. Has anyone been successful in gaining a refund from them (they admitted verbally on phone they had made a mistake and he is due the money back) but wouldnt committ to how or when he would actually get it back?

I’m not holding my breath!

Why does it take so long for CSA to check if child benefit is still being paid to PWC?

September 28, 2012

I’m just wondering if anyone else out there has had this problem and could give me any advice on how to get it sorted asap. My husband has an 18 year old child but doesnt have any contact with the child or mother, he has always paid for this child.

On the 4th Sept he rang csa and asked them to check if a c.b paid was still being made as the training course the child was on was due to run out and he could now be working or claiming jsa. The csa said they would request this info and it could take up to 7-10 working days, after the 10th working day he still hadnt had a reply so got in touch again to which they said they still hadnt heard anything yet and requested the info again.

This has now gone on for over 3 weeks now and yesterday he tried again and they still cant give an answer he is sure they know and are witholding info until friday so they can take another payment out of his wages.

Has anyone else waited this long to hear if a c.b claim is still being paid?

Does CSA1 rules take PWC’s income into account?

September 28, 2012

I am looking for advice on CSA1 rules.

When a pwc moves in with someone else as a couple, should the CSA under CSA1 rules be taking some of her income into account? On assessments we have none of her income is taken into account and we are unsure if she was in receipt of prescribed benefits as both her and her partner work and have good jobs. We are appealing the CSA arrears and on their response to the tribunal board they have stated she is a single parent, which isn’t true.

Any help on the old rules would be much appreciated.

No money from CSA Bolton and I am out of work

September 27, 2012

My son will be 13 in November. For the past three years at least I have called the CSA Bolton and asked for progress in getting monies from my son’s father.

In July 2012 I received a letter saying that back payments totalling +/-£19K would be paid in monthly installments over the next 24 months, in addition to which a payment of £540 +/- would be sought for every month.

Since receiving this letter, no payments have been received, nor have they Read more

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