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Can the CSA hound me after 10 years?

I have just recieved a note for the CSA claiming I have £2,800 arrears for my two daughters due to underpayment.

Payment where taken direct from my wages so how has this happened. Now the thing that really upsets me is that my eldest is now 26 yrs old and my second is 24 yrs old !!! hey both have children!!

Can they do this. I am re-married have two young children and a wife with Lupus/Vaculitus which is acute and life shortening.

I cant cope with this. Can they hound me after 10Years or so .

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  1. Paul,

    They can.

    You need to establish when, where and how the arrears accrued.
    Could it be your employer at the time did not pass payments on to the CSA?

    It may prove helpful if you request your Data Protection File, including dated notepad sections and a complete account breakdown. There is a £10 fee and the CSA have 40 consecutive days to furnish you with the information.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  2. Child Support Agency Corruption- we will help you in here. The CSA think they can do what they wish AND THEY CANNOT.

  3. Unfortunately the CSA can do what they like and will chase for the arrears. Sorry to say. Get a copy of your file from the CSA DPU Unit, Newcastle and once you read through it you should notice any errors that the CSA have made.

  4. If you are on the Old Rules system you would have been issued with statements every 6 months. If your payments were for regular maintenance and arrears and were being paid by DEO then you need to find out that all money deducted from your wages was actually paid to the CSA, if not you will have to speak to your employer to ahve them pay either the agency or pay you so you can pay the agency.

    If you do have outstanding arrears then you will have to pay regaerdless of how old your children are, you will be allowed a maximum of 2 years to clear the debt

  5. ok so after 12 years the csa have started up again demanding money off me for 2 children which i proved and sent in dna confirmation that they wasnt mine and the fact my x partner was caught working and claiming and screwing me for maitenance and now they say i have to pay the arrears off which 1 years ago they rang and told me the case had been closed….. so when i rang and asked questions today all i got was that i would have to go through dna testing again as all paperwork was lost bearing in mind i dont even know where the 2 children involved are living and that they are both 19 and 18 and the last thing they are going to want is a stranger turning up and demanding a dna test are these people real or do they just get off at messing and screwing with peoples lives

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