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CSA takes my money without checking my sons are in education

I have paid my maintence for numerous years. Whithout checks? My sons (age 17 and 19) have not been in constant college. They was enroled at the age of 16.. (legal requirement age of maintenance unless in 12 hours education a week! Which is not so) and did at the most 24 hours of college before being removed.

Yet me as a father still providing maintainance which is against the law as they are fit for work and in no education whatsoever!

Please let me remind you, you as a company are taking money out of my wages unlawfully without making checks and proof that my eldest son is in education. My son has no further education and has been enrolled into colleges on which he has been dissmissed. So therefore no education is being provided.

My son is able to work!

Yours Mr S Taylor

3 thoughts on “CSA takes my money without checking my sons are in education

  1. You raise a valid point here. I also have a son who I a paying maintnenace for. However, because his mother persistently broke court orders regarding contact, and the court failed to deal with her, I am unaware whether he is education, working or unemployed.

    Surely, as a payee of maintenance, the lying, cheating, theiveing CSA, should provide the nrp with information in the form of financial statement, regarding how much is being claimed in benefits by the pwc, and the education/employment status of the child/children that are being paid for.

    The CSA will not provide this information because nrp;s are having money stolen from them, in order to boost the treasury coiffeurs!

  2. If the pwc is in receipt of child benefit then CSA will still deduct maintenance. CSA themselves do not check.

    If you believe that your child is no longer in full time non advanced education then contact HMRC Child Benefit office to let them investigate.

  3. I have written to the Child benefit office 26/9/2012, asking them to verify my sons status, by asking for written proof from his mother that he fits the criteria to allow his mother to claim child benefit for him.

    This is the point that I am tryng to make!

    As an nrp I should be updated by the authorites as to the status of the pwc claiming child benefit, but I and others are not. It’s an anomaly in the system that allows the CSA to continue to take money from nrp’s, who are unwittingly paying maintenance for a child/children who may be out of the system and therefore, need not be financially maintained, through the CSA!

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