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Good fathers suffer at the hands of the Child Support Agency

Following my son’s birth, no access was agreed with Mum. To cut a long story short, I therefore spent £25,000 in the family courts to gain good access arrangements until a final shared parenting order was agreed. Mum (good job) had a live-in partner (also working).

They agreed never to allow my son to call me “Dad” in their company. They alienate the paternal family constantly in his company.

I pay every month still to the CSA but at no-time (even in 4 weeks total conatct of the school holidays) does Mum provide clothing etc etc. I struggle and yet they do not. Good fathers who love their children are treated terribly under this sysytem and who suffers…. the child or children.

One thought on “Good fathers suffer at the hands of the Child Support Agency

  1. i have a daughter and a stepson who i had with me 10 nights in every 14 for almost 3 years whilst my ex wife worked nights.
    during that time she claimed child benefit,child tax credits etc and she didnt give me a penny towards the upkeep of the children in food clothes etc.
    now my domestic circumstances have changed and i cannot have the children as often she has stopped all contact and put a CSA claim in for my daughter.
    can anyone tell me i i can claim against my ex wife for the almost 3 years that i had my children?
    answer to my email if possible
    [email protected]

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