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Does CSA1 rules take PWC’s income into account?

I am looking for advice on CSA1 rules.

When a pwc moves in with someone else as a couple, should the CSA under CSA1 rules be taking some of her income into account? On assessments we have none of her income is taken into account and we are unsure if she was in receipt of prescribed benefits as both her and her partner work and have good jobs. We are appealing the CSA arrears and on their response to the tribunal board they have stated she is a single parent, which isn’t true.

Any help on the old rules would be much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Does CSA1 rules take PWC’s income into account?

  1. I am also on the CS1 rules. I have the book that was sent out about how they work out payments. It does state that they DO look at the PWC incomings aswell. Need anymore info and i will dig out the book.

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