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No money from CSA Bolton and I am out of work

My son will be 13 in November. For the past three years at least I have called the CSA Bolton and asked for progress in getting monies from my son’s father.

In July 2012 I received a letter saying that back payments totalling +/-£19K would be paid in monthly installments over the next 24 months, in addition to which a payment of £540 +/- would be sought for every month.

Since receiving this letter, no payments have been received, nor have they ever been received and every time I call the CSA the sotry changes – from ‘your matter HAS BEEN referred to the enforcement arm of the CSA to (today) your matter is still with finance and still hasnt been referred to the enforcement team. I havent received a penny, I lost my job in June this year and things are tough.

My ex husband simply refuses to pay and the CSA seem incapable of upholding their responsibilities and the law and making him pay. Any ideas?

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  1. Did you try and come to a mutual agreement where a fair amount for him to pay was reached , because the csa sure as hell is not fair on honest fathers who are willing to pay but robbed each month and into poverty in alot cases.
    If you went to the csa without discussing it first with him as my ex did thinking u might get more that way ? Then maybe that’s why he’s avoiding paying all together.and I say good luck to him then.Too many greedy women use the csa as a meal ticket and their kids as cash not saying all mothers.the csa are scum bottom drwelling pond life who are unfair,unjust and unsympathetic towards fathers,they judge them as the guilty partner and hound and rob them forever once they have their claws into them.they believe absolutely whatever the mother tells them despite it being blatant lies.and why? Because its not her they are robbing from…they can’t neither will believe the father as in going so will result in him paying less and that just won’t do will it Mr treasury man.
    This is why the csa is passionately hated by good hard honest working fathers,we are not against paying and supporting our kids,just against these f**ks sticking their ore in and telling us we will pay,they break families up and drive an even bigger wedge between parents…they are NOT there for the welfare of the child but for the welfare of the treasury.if they genuinely were there for the kids they would have a system in place where they ensure the money is actually spent on the kids and not on the mothers social life and habits.
    My ex left me after 9 months married to be with a German who used to get off on her getting naked for him on webcam…lol…and took my daughter away at the age of 3 . And my reward is being screwed to the tune of £320 every month for the privilege.
    She’s never done a full days work in her life,instead prefers the easy life of the tax payer giving her something for nothing along with me subsidising her and her German’s household.this lazy cow even committed benefit fraud,taking rent from the council for a house she no longer lived in, as she was in Germany…so it’s the honest people in life that get screwd and filth like my ex who laugh at us.
    I’m not suggesting you are one of them? But if you are….my closing message is this ” good luck to your ex for avoiding this vermin and to you….go get another job and stop relying on others to support you as my ex does”
    If you are not one of the lazy arse mothers that can work but can’t be bothered ? Then ” good luck and hope you get some money out of this shit organisation” .

  2. If he’s PAYE provide the CSA with as much details as possible of where he works, who’s he employed by etc. The CSA specilise in going after the PAYE workers. If he’s got his own company or is self employed he can easily fob the CSA off by “cooking” the figures of what he earns.
    If he’s claiming he only earns a certain amount, but clearly earning a lot more by his lifestyle, there is a form to complete whereby I understand its looked into. (Perhaps someone else on here can give you more advice on that).
    Send all correspondence to the CSA by recorded delivery and in your case mark them to the complaints section and yes get your MP involved.
    Im one of the easy targets for the CSA being in a PAYE job, paying thousands each year to a woman, who I had the misfortune of having a very brief relationship with who has never done a days work in her life.

  3. I totally sympathise with fathers who get screwed down for money….. but my son is nearly thirteen now and Ive done everything I can to be fair. I left the marriage with nothing (he was having an affair) so he got everything lock stock and barrel. Five years ago I asked him for help with maintenance and I agreed to let him pay me direct at £220 a month. The first payment came, and then nothing, so I told him I would contact the CSA. He agreed and so I did, and even though they have found him to be earning in excess of £150K a year in London, I still havent seen a penny. The CSA put things in place to do a deduction of earnings, but he simply changed his employment status to Self Employed which meant they couldnt take money direct, and he’s ducked and dived ever since to avoid is responsibilities. He thinks the money is for me….! But I work fulltime in two jobs and raise my son on my own while he has a great lifestyle in London with his fourth wife (I was the first). Try as I might I just can’t get him to pay, so whatever the CSA put on him, he’s welcome to it all. At the end of the day he has a responsibility to his son and its nothing more complicated than that. He needs to man up, Jo

  4. For me as a NRP there’s one thing they could do to make me want to use the CSA and that is have some accountability. If the money is actually for the children then why shouldn’t the PWC actually have to show that they are spending it on the children. It’s not difficult and the NRP has to prove everything why would it be so difficult to provide receipts. This would bring some balance back into system.

    As far as your case goes it sounds like your ex is a nightmare and also that his life is very chaotic which makes it very difficult for the CSA, PAYE earners are their bread and butter where they make their money anything complex is basically beyond their skill level. They also have to look at cases and see their risk verses return in terms of their time chasing it. Half an hour spent looking through this and other sites and you will find everything you need to avoid paying the CSA if you are determined.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I hate to complain, but I have written to the independent ombusmen and to the CSA themselves and pleaded with them to get their act together. Im so sick of platitudes. I honestly wouldnt want a penny if I could afford things on my own, but Im paying for everything that a couple normally pay between them and I refuse to use the system to get money – Im big on dignity! Have a great weekend all, Jo

  6. I pay over £300 every month for my son. Barely a penny of that is spent on him. The CSA don’t give a toss and refuse to get involved. But if I ever missed a payment (which I haven’t) they’d be right on my case within hours. The CSA for me is a biased body set up for greedy lazy mums who can’t be arsed to do anything for themselves. In my case it was the mum who ran off with another man whilst I looked after my boys. I still lost out and she is home and dry thanks to the CSA. Would rather pay the money direct to my son. He’d spend it better than she ever would.

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