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CSA made up what they thought my business was earning

OK, was contacted by csa in 2011 and advised my business was earning 800pw (totally fabricated) and i owed £120pw cs, when asked where they got there figures they spewed out some jargon blah blah. i argued it and they said tough, soooo i appealed and sent in my accounts, they went for a liability order and got it for £5k, i appealed again and sent all documentation etc of my monthly income which went to courts to confirm if they would accept appeal and go to court, they did (yeeeesssssss).

The courts ordered csa to relook at my accounts and file and today 28th Sept 2012 i got a letter stating my payments were not even half of what they’d made up.

The moral of the story guys (not gals) appeal and appeal again and argue and pay monies to her directly not through them until its sorted, although they’ll say pay us pay us.

I am now in position where ive overpayed and she will have to repay me my money,she was hard on me the whole time stopping my access and telling my son im to blame, at 4yrs old, disgusting behaviour for a so called mother, and i have total discetion on whether to chase or not. Your thorts please………………

GUYS sometimes the system works or you can make it work in your favour, become self employed its the way forward TRUST ME

3 thoughts on “CSA made up what they thought my business was earning

  1. It’s great to hear positive news fighting with the CSA. My partner been fighting with them for about 18 months now and it is such a long drawn out process. Arguing against an Agency that think they are right is so disheartening even when you prove they are wrong.

    My partner is waiting on an appeal date so thanks for posting this. It’s gave me a glimmer of hope again.

  2. Nice one, it takes so much time and effort just to defend yourself from them I think you should be able to sue them now for loss of earnings due to dealing with them.

  3. I’d personally ask your ex for the money back as she was quick enough mess you (and your little one) around when she thought she wasn’t getting what she expected. I’d then spend the money on your child…

    Some mothers do irreversable damage to their kids in an attempt to hurt their ex…. it is, as you say, absolutely disgusting!! The CSA have allowed PWC to abuse the system (and their own kids) to get more money by basing their calculations on overnight stays and % of money earned (by the NRP).

    I am happy you have good news to share… As Carol says… it gives the rest of us hope 🙂 🙂

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