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Anyone had a refund from the CSA on money they have overpaid?

Hi, has anyone had any luck with getting back a refund from CSA due to them taking wrong amount via a DEO?

My husbands ex took him to CSA in June, even though he has paid religously via private agreement every month, but we are dealing with a greedy PWC who always wants more. Anyway, he was pretty much bullied into accepting a DEO on his wages and from them first contacting him, to the first DEO being taken was just a matter of weeks! Not bad hey. So while they worked this out, arrears had accrued and they advised that they would be taking 460 from his first DEO pay to cover this.

Ok move on to August and they decide to help themselves to another 460 instead of the usual 4 weekly payment which is half this amount! To complicate matters further, my husband was made redundant in August, so a reduction in future maintenance is not an option as he is a uni student now and he is exempt from payments for next 4 years. Has anyone been successful in gaining a refund from them (they admitted verbally on phone they had made a mistake and he is due the money back) but wouldnt committ to how or when he would actually get it back?

I’m not holding my breath!

3 thoughts on “Anyone had a refund from the CSA on money they have overpaid?

  1. my fiance is fighting the CSA on my behalf as i find it too stressful, she has calculated and provided them with proof, bank statements and cq details thatvI have overpaid by just under £1000.

    several operatives at the CSA, inc a Supervisor have confirmed on the phone that, yes it does look like you’ve overpaid and yet they still haven’t done anything about it.

    I wanted to stop paying until it was sorted but my fiance has pointed out that they will prob drag it out until the overpayment is cleared.

    she is now on a mission to get the money back and wants my ex to be issued with a summons for the overpayment as she does nothing for my son and uses him as leverage for financial gain at every opportunity.

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