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Why does it take so long for CSA to check if child benefit is still being paid to PWC?

I’m just wondering if anyone else out there has had this problem and could give me any advice on how to get it sorted asap. My husband has an 18 year old child but doesnt have any contact with the child or mother, he has always paid for this child.

On the 4th Sept he rang csa and asked them to check if a c.b paid was still being made as the training course the child was on was due to run out and he could now be working or claiming jsa. The csa said they would request this info and it could take up to 7-10 working days, after the 10th working day he still hadnt had a reply so got in touch again to which they said they still hadnt heard anything yet and requested the info again.

This has now gone on for over 3 weeks now and yesterday he tried again and they still cant give an answer he is sure they know and are witholding info until friday so they can take another payment out of his wages.

Has anyone else waited this long to hear if a c.b claim is still being paid?

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