How can I set up payments without going through the CSA?

December 31, 2014

Hi there i split with my wife about a month ago and she is wanting payments to herself for supporting my daughter.

I am of course happy to help her and want to be straight about maintenance. She was wanting me to pay her without going through the csa.. which could have issues later in time.

Could i get this properly arranged so i dont end up oweing- even though i wouldnt technicaly owe?

The CSA is a monument to ineptitude

December 30, 2014

In october 2007 I did the decent thing & handed over my child benefit to my ex husband for our son as he started to live with him. within 6 weeks our son was back with me, the CB said his dad would have to ‘voluntarily’ sign it back to me.

BUT he wouldn’t as this gave him absolute immunity from paying me via the CSA……….a year later in nov 08 i gained a court order saying HE HAD TO sign the CB back to me …to this day the CSA ignored the court order.

This pathetic little ‘tiny’ man i married still wont pay for his son who is now 17 & in college….the incompetent, paid for doing nothing CSA slackers are only interested in getting money for someone on benefits, they are a monument to ineptitude.

They will do anything to cover themselves, liars & cheats …….they got all of my ‘arrears’ wrong…….i got a calculator, used my P60, broke it down and PROVED how useless they are! ………..ask for a face to face meeting with your local MP…….these CSA idiots soon jump!!

THEN GO TO THE INDEPENDENT CASE EXAMINER………..make sure you keep ALL records & in order of date REMEMBER the CSA are NOT organised but you can be when claiming compensation & vindicating yourself!

How can I get back my money?

December 29, 2014

Found out my ex claimed for 2 years from me for a child that did not live with her in 2008-2010. She was not in reciept of child benefit yet was allowed to obtain this money by the CSA as she failed to inform them.

CSA maladministration meant there were arrears on this account so when i reported this the CSA took this amount fromn the arrears, However when all arrears were written off following their investigations in 2012, they paid the ex the money instead of me.

CSA maintain this is fair, Yet I did not qwe that money yet paid it. How can I get this large amount back as ICE and Ombudsman are as corrupt as the CSA, Is legal action against my ex the only way to get this refunded as it was a claim that was fraud.

Why am I paying so much more for the one day?

December 28, 2014

Someone tell me where the 3/7th of NRP maintenance discount come from if I have my kids 3 nights per week?

Ex wife left me to live with boyfriend. She made the decision so why am I paying maintenance to her for the four nights I don’t have the kids.

There is only a difference of one night per week where i don’t have my kids so I should only be paying her one night’s maintenance for that difference. If i was an absent NRP then the maintenance would go up exponentially, since i would be paying 7/7th’s of maintenance owed, and that would be fairer on us NRP’s but also still hammer the absent NRP’S.

Is there any chance that the DNA was wrong?

December 27, 2014

Can anyone advise on some historic dna results. They were done over 10 years ago and according to paperwork, 8 genetic tests called STR Profiles were done.

This gave paternity results as 99.99%. Is it possible in anyway these could be wrong? Perhaps due to the technology at the time?


What am I supposed to do?

December 26, 2014

I have just been contacted by the CSA informing me that I owe them 11000 yes 11000 for arrears.

I have no idea how they have come to this figure I feel like killing myself there is no way I can pay this two of the cases are closed and one still live I don’t get to see the children I have been through court and have gained nothing except a huge legal bill and now this.

My god what do I do!!!!!! Help!!!

Lies have left me paying CSA for years

December 25, 2014

Ex lying to csa, csa believe him although i have proof, awful phone manor everytime.

No warning i was aware of any arrears.

Paying for children i cant see, because of hostile father, 2 years arrears to pay. The amount of csa i have to pay.

How can I get the CSA moving?

December 24, 2014

My youngest child is nearly 24 and my ex owes me just under £29,000,00 in maintenance money.

He has never paid but seem to be getting no where with the csa to get some of this money owed to me.

Anybody know where to complain about the csa to try and get them moving a bit?

Would be appreciated.

How does the CSA hold so much sway?

December 23, 2014

Can someone please tell me how the CSA has got so much power.

After years of divource and remarriage they are taking more money tyhan ever because my ex is denying my 2 children to see me and therefore I have to pay more.

Why won’t the CSA sort this out?

December 23, 2014

Csa are taking money out of my wages for the last two months for children that live and have lived with me for the past ten years.

Despit countless calls they still are taking money out of my wages knowing the children live with me,ive rung well over a dosen times,they have spoke to the mother of my children and she has conformed that they have always been with me.

There taking so much of my wages and leaving me with the legal limit of £121.00 what else can i do?

They just keep saying they will sort it but now its getting into months..plz help.

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