Why am I paying so much more for the one day?

December 28, 2014

Someone tell me where the 3/7th of NRP maintenance discount come from if I have my kids 3 nights per week?

Ex wife left me to live with boyfriend. She made the decision so why am I paying maintenance to her for the four nights I don’t have the kids.

There is only a difference of one night per week where i don’t have my kids so I should only be paying her one night’s maintenance for that difference. If i was an absent NRP then the maintenance would go up exponentially, since i would be paying 7/7th’s of maintenance owed, and that would be fairer on us NRP’s but also still hammer the absent NRP’S.


  • Bill says:

    The child maintenance required through the CSA is only one half of the total maintenance needed to provide for the child the other half comes from the PWC.
    So in effect the total maintenance is 14/7.
    If you have the children 3 nights a week you only pay 4/7 as you provide 3/7 in kind.
    The PWC still contributes 7/7.

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