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How can I get back my money?

Found out my ex claimed for 2 years from me for a child that did not live with her in 2008-2010. She was not in reciept of child benefit yet was allowed to obtain this money by the CSA as she failed to inform them.

CSA maladministration meant there were arrears on this account so when i reported this the CSA took this amount fromn the arrears, However when all arrears were written off following their investigations in 2012, they paid the ex the money instead of me.

CSA maintain this is fair, Yet I did not qwe that money yet paid it. How can I get this large amount back as ICE and Ombudsman are as corrupt as the CSA, Is legal action against my ex the only way to get this refunded as it was a claim that was fraud.

One thought on “How can I get back my money?

  1. If they were not informed of the change by you or the other party it will not be considered as maladministration on their part.
    Whoever the child was living with during that time is entitled to that maintenance and it should have been paid to them.
    So their reasoning is that you owed the money to somebody and its not their fault it went to the wrong person as you failed to keep them informed and up to date with changes.
    It seems unlikely that you will get any of the money back, rather it should be recovered from the PWC and paid to the carer at that time.

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