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The CSA is a monument to ineptitude

In october 2007 I did the decent thing & handed over my child benefit to my ex husband for our son as he started to live with him. within 6 weeks our son was back with me, the CB said his dad would have to ‘voluntarily’ sign it back to me.

BUT he wouldn’t as this gave him absolute immunity from paying me via the CSA……….a year later in nov 08 i gained a court order saying HE HAD TO sign the CB back to me …to this day the CSA ignored the court order.

This pathetic little ‘tiny’ man i married still wont pay for his son who is now 17 & in college….the incompetent, paid for doing nothing CSA slackers are only interested in getting money for someone on benefits, they are a monument to ineptitude.

They will do anything to cover themselves, liars & cheats …….they got all of my ‘arrears’ wrong…….i got a calculator, used my P60, broke it down and PROVED how useless they are! ………..ask for a face to face meeting with your local MP…….these CSA idiots soon jump!!

THEN GO TO THE INDEPENDENT CASE EXAMINER………..make sure you keep ALL records & in order of date REMEMBER the CSA are NOT organised but you can be when claiming compensation & vindicating yourself!

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