How can I prove that I’ve been paying?

December 19, 2014

Can someone advice me how can i get hold of record that i have paid to CSA as i have lost all recipts that i have paid.

Please any advice would be appreciated.

The jokers at CSA have left my son without money

December 19, 2014

So it all started in oct 2013 my ex partner was paying payments to myself through te CSA for his son payments were higher than expected so I rang CSA Birkenhead and they assured me this was the correct amount that was owed to myself.

So I questioned it later again in nov 13 to e told the same as I did again in jan 14 all was normal. Then all the mayhem began.

I rang in June 14 to question where my payment was to be told I had been overpaid after asking time and time again was still told that the amount was of £380 +overpayment I was astonished so I was told a statement would be sent then the system would be amended and looked into me paying back this overpayment which I was confused when I received a statement the overpayment had occurred from the oct13-june14 although I had already quoted this and was told it was the correct amount.

From june14 my payments weren’t paid and then we’re given to myself manually by the employees however my payment for June was a no show so I rang and was told I would not revive a payment as the system would not allowed it this continued for 3months of having no money as of CSA fault.

After a number of phone calls and speaking to every supervisor manager colleague still got nowhere until we wrote a complaint being told I should of never been left with no money and the payments should of been taking over 2years so I was given £75 compensation and then paid again in oct.

Being told that in fact my ex should of been paying £62 a week since feb 14 but they couldn’t do anything and still took all the overpayment from me in one. Now as of 28th aug 14 £ 62 a week should be paid I still reviewed no money showing that until cot when one of them informed me of a payment of 184 to be paid.

So I was happy that it seemed to of been sorted until dec 10th 14 that his money had been reduced again to a dif of 20£ a week.

I am now still battling with CSA Birkenhead as they have no said tey put me back into overpayments as of OCt 14 and that I will yet again not recieve any money in jan15th bcause they are paying me the full amount in dec putting me in more overpayments again then trying to take more than what is owed back to my ex. They are an absolute joke and need to sort their act out because of them my son and I are left without the money we are owed.

Why does the CSA always hold up my payments?

December 19, 2014

The csa have been getting me cs for the pass 2years but my payments always get stuck and i wait for nearly 4 weeks from when they get it for thenm to pay me.

What can i do been putting up with this for 2 years?

Any one i can speak to?

Why do we have to pay for so long?

December 18, 2014

How can the csa say to me that weve still got to pay for a kid till she 20?

I know she at collage but she only dose 3 days a week and she got a job yet we have still got to pay.

Ex is going to fiddle the CSA

December 18, 2014

I am an absent one parent family, with 2 boys. The father is self employed has been for a considerble time and has never paid a penny in maintenance.

He is a self employed painter and decorator who will just fiddle his earnings so he doesnt pay maintenance.

What can i do about this. He has fiddled the state all his life, and is now going to fiddle the agency.

CSA is messing with me as I’m the dad

December 18, 2014

My ex wife started work and wont answer any letters phone calls but it seemed funny who one agent sayed she had spoke to her once.

Now ive been waiting 20 weeks and told to wait another 12 weeks i really think im being f**ked about of off because im a dad with the child.

Why won’t the CSA explain?

December 17, 2014

My partner have been paying CSA since 2008 before then we were paying his ex directly. the have a deductions of earnings set up.

In Nov 2012 we received a letter saying we had over paid by £2982.49 and his payment where to be reduced then less than a week later another letter arrived saying that they made a mistake and we had only overpaid by £53.90 no explanation on where they got these figures from.

Then in DEC Csa took double payment saying we had missed a payment we called them and proved that we hadn’t missed any payment. They reviewed our case again and said our payment had been reduced. then i had a call from CSA saying that we are in arrears of £42.000.00 from the gap between 1999 to 2008.

They wont explain them selves. We are at our wits end.

What happens if we are trying to be fair?

December 17, 2014

Me and my ex have agreed a 50/50 joint residency/custody.we will both have him 3n half days each.

He lives 50 miles away from me so i have to pay for a 100 mile round trip just to get him everyweek.

As all this is the case do i have to still pay child maintenance? n if so how much? Thanks.

Will my CSA payments stop now?

December 17, 2014

I’ve discovered this weekend that my 18 year old son is now in full time employment. When will my CSA payments stop for him?

Do I need to provide proof to the scum? or will they work it out for themselves? Or will this misandric bunch of c**ts be able to take my wages forever?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Why does the CSA not take trust income into account?

December 16, 2014

In 2004, in Cape Town, South Africa, my husband filed for divorce. I was well off and owned 3 guest houses outright with a good income. I am Scottish, my now ex is from a wealthy North London family and lives off the income from his wealthy family trusts.

He used to live off me also. His lawyers were given an ‘open purse’ by his family to destroy me and over the course of the following 10 years he has litigated me and our son into homelessness and destitution.

We were found in Glasgow by the homeless team in 2012, living in a damp old caravan in the Scottish Winter with no electricity or running water. My son wet the bed every night but there was nowhere to wash and dry the sheets. It was like some hellish nightmare. My ex is also living back in the UK, in Cambridgeshire. After costing me half a million pounds in legal fees to defend my right to keep custody of our son, he chooses never to contact him or see him.

He sends a Christmas card with a £20 Argos voucher once a year. He has heaped lie upon lie to the CSA, who took his word that he has no employment and can only afford £5 a week in child maintenance. He was, however, found to have misrepresented his financials to a limited extent, and we now get £40 a week.

This took 4 stressful years and a tribunal to achieve. However, my ex husband and his father, along with Coutts Bank in London, distribute up to £50,000 (fifty thousand pounds) a year to ‘the poor’, from the wealth they bank with Coutts, in order to offset income tax.

It costs them nothing as it would otherwise go to the tax man. They do so via the DIBS Trust which was set up by my son’s great grandfather in the 1960s. The CSA do not take Trust income into account when assessing child support!!!

I was told by Coutts Bank that I could apply to the Trustees (my son’s father and grandfather) for a couple of hundred pounds if I wished…? We now live in a social housing flat on benefits. I am too ill to work again, suffering from the stress of dealing with the CSA since 2009.

They have no powers to investigate whether a non resident parent is telling the truth about their true financial position and I do not have the money to hire a private detective to uncover the reality of the situation. I cannot afford to pay our electricity or gas bills, nor afford new clothes and shoes for our son who is growing at an astonishing rate and I am facing bankruptcy. We have not had a holiday for years while my ex husband continues to live a high standard of living with his £100,000 pa income from his family trust.

The government are having to ‘pick up the tab’ for this playboy father, whose access to wealth has destroyed my own finances via unethical lawyers in Cape Town. The CSA should be given the powers to properly investigate individuals who leave their children destitute, otherwise the British taxpayer ends up footing the bill.

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