What am I supposed to do?

December 26, 2014

I have just been contacted by the CSA informing me that I owe them 11000 yes 11000 for arrears.

I have no idea how they have come to this figure I feel like killing myself there is no way I can pay this two of the cases are closed and one still live I don’t get to see the children I have been through court and have gained nothing except a huge legal bill and now this.

My god what do I do!!!!!! Help!!!


  • Pete says:

    mate request a full account audit from start of case to current date, also get you Data Protrction file (they gave 40 days to get this to you) also get you MP involved (fingers crossed he or she is decent) I would also email a formal complaint as well, demand as to how they gave calculated said arrears, also look on Facebook for CSA ripoffs, you will get some sound advice

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