Persecuted by the CSA for 10 Years

June 25, 2009

I had been a Police Officer (soft target) for 12 years until I was medically retired, due to depression, in  September 2008, brought on in no small part by the persecution I have suffered from the CSA for 10 years or so. I blame my ex wife for half this problem because she would not allow me to pay voluntarily and insisted on using the CSA as some kind of legalised harassment tool. When we divorced, she was given 2 of our 4 houses (rented out properties for our old age), one was sold to pay debts and I was given one with very little equity. In 10 years, i have paid her almost £40,000 in child maintenance payments.

Bearing in mind I have had the same job for 12 years, I was re-assessed some 57 times and paid child support direct from my earnings all this before the CSA came up up with an arrears amount of £6,500. They froze my bank account and took me to court to remove the small amount of savings I had in my account but on the final court appearance the judge, who was genuinly appaulled at my treatment, told the CSA representative to go and get her facts straight, you are not having this mans savings! Unfortunately, he didn’t dismiss the arrears amount and I’ve been paying this off for the last 6 years or so.

After my second nervous breakdown, I could take no more and was medically retired from the Police and given a small pension of £100 per month. I told the CSA last September and thought that was the end of them. I scrape by on my pension and small amount of saving.

Two weeks ago I received a letter from the CSA demanding £10,500 arrears! They are taking £200 of my pension and have told me if I don’t pay the £10,500 in one lump, they might put me in prison! They say that my protected level of income is now £395 per month (my mortgage is £450).

I have worked hard to re build my life and was doing ok, I re married recently and i’m supporting my wife and her disabled daughter on my pension and savings but now i don’t know what to do.



  • chall says:

    Hi steve,

    Have you ascertained how the alleged arrears have accumulated and whether they are correct.

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  • desperatley seeking solution says:

    Hi, I am sorry man, I am a cop too. Just easy targets!!! Rather going out there and geting the one’s who don’t want to pay they place the ones that who can firmly over a barrell and give a good one in the derrier who can. they have done your career and I am sorry, I am sorry. I am running to stand still myself. Toget their (CSA) figures I think they go for the easy targets and ignore the ones who don’t want to bother!!!
    It is really not worth the stress. It WILL come to an end eventually. AND you are not alone!!!

  • Lord Raglan says:

    I too am a policeman – and you have my every sympathy.
    I was a NRP for some 14 yrs and have paid an absolute fortune over those years for my two children – as well as contact costs, clothing, holidays etc etc
    I begged my ex to come out of the CSA and agree a fair amount – she declined.
    My children saw the light – seeing their mother for what she is – Pure Greed and have lived with me for the last 12 months or so.
    My ex – fiddled her hours and now pays me £5 per week – not that I am bothered – the kids are more to me than a source for cash she cant ever tell me shes a woman of principle.

    It disgusts me that public sector employees/ bank paid get hammered – I would like to now the statistic for NRP paying who are employed on this basis and the amounts they pay in comparison to the Self Employed NRP – I’d imagine there would be quite a difference.

    The system hasnt sorted anything out really – there are still errant fathers/ and Mothers who dont pay and never will..

    Come the revolution..

  • My wife left me in sept of 2005. No reason was given however my daughter was only 10 months old at the time. We were not supposed to be able to have children, then when the miracle occured after almost 10 years of marriage I was told basically that I have fullfilled my mission. My wife toook whatever she could pack in her car and went to live with her family out in a rural community in Texas. They closed ranks, shut me out, and would not let me near. My wife (now ex ) Went through the court system immediatly to get child support, she weithheld visitation and I had to get a restraining order against her. Since then I have been homeless more than once because of the amount they take from me ( the OAG) for chil support. I lost our home, our car, our belongings, my daughter and my life. I can no longer afford an attorney and though I have been to court it has been pro’se and I cannot get a judge to take me seriously. My repeated attempts have been denied. I work now in Chicago,Il but have only been able to find work at $11.00 an hour. I have to live with my 80 year old sister because I can not afford to support myself. That will all change on may 1st when I must leave her apartment because her husband is returning home from a nursing home where he has been for the last year and a half and needs 24 hour care. my room must be give up so a nurse can move in to take care of him. My average net pay is only about $200.00 a week because of all the support and insurance I am being forced to pay. The amount I am being garnished is currently $614.00 a month plus $150.00 in arrears re-payment from a $3000.00 judgement( which has now grown to almost $10’000.00) plus$212.88 for insurance, plus$60.00 for dental. Thats over $900.00 a month all on $11.00 an hour. I do have a wonderful telephone relationship with my daughter who is now 6 years old. My ex tells me that I can sign my parental right away and she will back off on the child support. Well the hell with that I will be homeless first and probably will be. All the lawyers I have talked to and there have been many ,tell me they want thousands of dollars to take care of it. What the hell is wrong with this country that it will persecute good fathers and tie them up in the court system. Alls I know is that I am a father who misses his daughter very much and am being forced out of existance by this nightmare. Am I the only one? is there anyone else like me out there? If so please contact me. The laws need to change right now. I can be contacted at [email protected]. HELP

  • terry scott says:

    Sorry Steve its hell when the CSA get involved. Whats interesting is a few Police officers on here also report the same harrassing, shambolic and extortionate workings of how CSA staff persist in this scam. The CSA are above the law and Police officers should make some noise!! Arrest the buggers!!! Why can’ t you?

    Id like to hear if any Police officer would make a stand and do whats right! Imagine thenheadline..”CSA staff arrested for harrassment” “CSA office raided”..

    Its a shame and government money making scheme.

    Come on guys shown some legal clout and seek them out..arrest them. It would make great headlines.


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