CSA demand money from woman who has none

October 26, 2008

We just received this email from Molly:

My ex-husband lives in the marital home due to violent/mental outbursts by him I moved out. My three children all Teenagers remain with him due to friends, school etc. He has been totally uncooperative all throughout the divorce process. He has now applied to the CSA for payments from me. I earn £12 k a year he earns 50k a year has mortgage I paid it off and a house worth 500k. The house is in the process of being sold which again he is being uncooperative about.

How unfair is this? I have hardly any money to start with and when I have the children I receive no mainitenace from him! I am going to see my soliciotr again next week more expnese to sort his out but it looks like I will have to pay him as I have been told by the CSA It is in the interests of the children. More likely he is having a go at me and nothing to do with the children. He has a very ocmfortable lifestyle whereas Im struggling.

payment by standing order

October 24, 2008

In May i was told by my caseworker that the CSA no longer accept payment from NRPs, it has to be direct debit or DEO despite their website and the booklet i was sent stating that payment by Standing Order was acceptable. When i pointed this out the caseworker immediately imposed a DEO despite my offers to pay voluntary contributions.

Anyone with any news on this development or advice?

Thanks, aky

Pure incompetence – my latest letter to the CSA

October 23, 2008

Yet again I am having to complain due to the complete incompetence of your system.. Every month for the past year I have had problems with getting my payments. I am sick and tired of being told someone will call me back or my caseworker is not there. Personally I dont care if he is there or not.

You all work as a team so there is no reason why someone else cannot log onto my account and give me the information I need. This month I have not received my payment, it was due at te begining of October. I have had a brief chat with someone who informed me that the employer had not made payment and could not be contacted until the 19th of the month or it would be classed as harrassment. What I want to know is how many time can the employer get away with this before he is fined.

What I really want to know is what is happening with this months money? When am I going to get it? Your agency is driving me to despair and I am now suffering stress and depression caused by your complete inabilty to function in an acceptable manor…. How long before you have another suicide linked to yourselves???????..

I am writing to my local MP and I am also sending my case to watchdog, stating your office and my imaginery case workers name… You should also know I want a reply… by way of phone call (please note I work in a school so calling me in school time, leaving a message, then asking us to call u back – speaking to someone who is on a different planet – is completely pointless..).. Please call me after 330pm and if i dont answer the house phone pls call my mobile on 0782*******.

Failure to respon immediately to this complaint will result in me seeking legal advice and taking legal action against you, including compensation for stress, depression and the hidious amount of phone calls made… i look forward to hearing from you very very soon many thanks Miss Julie *****