Pure incompetence – my latest letter to the CSA

October 23, 2008

Yet again I am having to complain due to the complete incompetence of your system.. Every month for the past year I have had problems with getting my payments. I am sick and tired of being told someone will call me back or my caseworker is not there. Personally I dont care if he is there or not.

You all work as a team so there is no reason why someone else cannot log onto my account and give me the information I need. This month I have not received my payment, it was due at te begining of October. I have had a brief chat with someone who informed me that the employer had not made payment and could not be contacted until the 19th of the month or it would be classed as harrassment. What I want to know is how many time can the employer get away with this before he is fined.

What I really want to know is what is happening with this months money? When am I going to get it? Your agency is driving me to despair and I am now suffering stress and depression caused by your complete inabilty to function in an acceptable manor…. How long before you have another suicide linked to yourselves???????..

I am writing to my local MP and I am also sending my case to watchdog, stating your office and my imaginery case workers name… You should also know I want a reply… by way of phone call (please note I work in a school so calling me in school time, leaving a message, then asking us to call u back – speaking to someone who is on a different planet – is completely pointless..).. Please call me after 330pm and if i dont answer the house phone pls call my mobile on 0782*******.

Failure to respon immediately to this complaint will result in me seeking legal advice and taking legal action against you, including compensation for stress, depression and the hidious amount of phone calls made… i look forward to hearing from you very very soon many thanks Miss Julie *****


  • deadbeatdad says:

    Fully sympathise with you there, and this happens even more so when they are dealing with the Non Resident Parent. The reason they are not bothered about collecting the Child Maintenance for you is because the money is owed to YOU, it would be a different matter if you were on benefits and your ex owed the money to the Secretary Of State then you would see a different side to the CSA, your ex would be in court having liability orders slapped on him left right and centre. They are only bothered about paying off the Billion Pound debt they are in, thats why they concentrate on the cases where money is owed tot he Secretary of State, can you see the pattern?
    The Employer can be fined £1000 for every month they have missed a payment so the CSAs so called super powers they have are not being used correctly. By all means compalin to your MP, they do have somje clout but do not expect much to happen because the CSA will come back with some excuse that will get them out of the s’it, Watchdog… yeah sounds ok but again this has been done before and look at the difference that made…… there is only one thing that that this corrupt incompetent Agency and its Managers will understand and that is being planned now within our Association however we are not giving anything away until the actual day when we all meet up.
    Hope all goes well for you
    Dead beat dad

  • Chloe says:

    Hi missus,

    As deadbeat said your money is not owed to the SofS so they simply will not care. Come along to our website http://www.afairercaforall.co.uk andclick on forum, we are trying to get as many people together n oneplace to take the fight to government. We support all PWC& NRP

  • Jeff Stevenson says:

    It is actually incorrect to state that Secretary of State debt is all the CSA is interested in. Since 27th October there are moves to remove all outstanding SOS debt from there systems altogether as it costs more to collect than is owed.

  • Deb says:

    At least you have had some payments…5 and a half years now ans 2 of my children have left home and now have families of their own ! my son is now 18 and will go to uni nest year.
    My ex husbands debt is now over 5 grand.
    My case has gone to criminal investigation…now back to civil..(dont really understand that one!)
    I wrote to my mp which prompted a stream of so called action.
    My ex lives 200 hundred yards up the road and yet can never be found…if i have to pay for things like last years council tax…which i got behind on because its soooo much… why oh why is nothing ever done with my csa?
    I have always worked since the git abandoned me…
    The csa is one epic failure passed from one useless government to another…

  • Jayne says:

    I totally sympathise the CSA failed miserably for 18 monthes to get my Ex to pay anything despite him having 2 incomes totalling £47,000 and he received a cash lump sum of £70,000 in January 2010.
    They failed to attach a deduction of earnings to my Ex’s Police pension, claiming they didn’t have the legislation to so because they already had a deduction of earnings attached to his current salary.
    It took 8 months of pathetic excuses and non payment for them to attach the deduction to his salary in the first place then because of a “Clerical error” I was due to receive £995 in June last year but only received £277.
    He then absconded from his job in July to avoid the deduction to earnings without any financial penalty or criminal consequences.
    I asked again that now he wasn’t working that a deduction of earnings be placed against his pension again they failed to do so.
    I now find out this week that they do have the legislation to do more than one deduction up to a max of 40% on each salary so I could have received over £4800 over the last 18 months which would have made a big difference to the quality of life for me & my 4 children.
    He was happily paying for the services of prostitutes at £100 a night & nothing to feed his chilren.
    I have received a verbal apology for what they call me being mis informed about being able to do more than on e deduction of earnings so I have requested an advanced payment for the amount they failed to collect on my behalf but have been refused on the grounds I do not “fit” their criteria because I have not received 6 or more maintenance payments from the CSA !!!!!!!!!
    The fact that the only reason I haven’t received the 6 payments is because they have they are the ones that have failed to collect the payments on my behalf !!!!
    Have written to my Local MP but really need to know if I can take legal action against the CSA for this money and compensation for the distress caused by their incompetant services.

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