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payment by standing order

In May i was told by my caseworker that the CSA no longer accept payment from NRPs, it has to be direct debit or DEO despite their website and the booklet i was sent stating that payment by Standing Order was acceptable. When i pointed this out the caseworker immediately imposed a DEO despite my offers to pay voluntary contributions.

Anyone with any news on this development or advice?

Thanks, aky

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  1. payment by standing order, follow up…

    Hi I was told I could not pay by cheque, I wrote the the ICE who advised the CSA that I can in fact pay by cheque and I now pay weekly by cheque.

    Don’t let the CSA demand how you pay, you have a right to pay however you like as long as you keep out of arrears.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Thats all well and good for the time being Oliver but they will come back at you with imaginary arrears and then when you try to contact them to find out where this made up figure has come from they will put you on the mery go round from hell, they will mess you about and then three weeks later you will have a Deduction Of Earnings order slapped you and there is noway you can have it removed, no magistrates court can question how the CSA/CMEc have calculated the assessment or where the arrears have come from, why do you think section 33 of the Child Support Act is worded the way it is, the secreatary of state can make up figures to suit that particular case workers target and bonus figures and hey presto another father driven into poverty and another well of CSA case worker

  3. just tell them your overdrawn otherwise they have access to your bank details at any given time

  4. I have just had another ‘run in’ with the CSA. The case is complex I will probably post all about it later.
    Although, I have just had to pay over (contested arrears) £1,200 by telephone and they even refused to send me a receipt stating that my statement would be a reciept.
    These guys are real crettins and that is from anothe civil servant!

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