CSA demand money from woman who has none

October 26, 2008

We just received this email from Molly:

My ex-husband lives in the marital home due to violent/mental outbursts by him I moved out. My three children all Teenagers remain with him due to friends, school etc. He has been totally uncooperative all throughout the divorce process. He has now applied to the CSA for payments from me. I earn £12 k a year he earns 50k a year has mortgage I paid it off and a house worth 500k. The house is in the process of being sold which again he is being uncooperative about.

How unfair is this? I have hardly any money to start with and when I have the children I receive no mainitenace from him! I am going to see my soliciotr again next week more expnese to sort his out but it looks like I will have to pay him as I have been told by the CSA It is in the interests of the children. More likely he is having a go at me and nothing to do with the children. He has a very ocmfortable lifestyle whereas Im struggling.


  • SB says:

    Welcome to the real world, sorry to say but you are now in a position that most fathers who are the NRP find themselves in!!!!!!!! seems funny how a woman doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot!!!!!!!!
    What about the thousands of men out there who have this happen to them?? and when they say how unfair it is does anyone listen?, no they don’t, they are told pay for your children and shut up !!!!!!!
    You say you aren’t in the FMH because of violent outbursts yet you leave the children there on the flimsiest of excuses i.e school, friends etc, if your hubby was violent madam you wouldn’t leave kids there, as a mother you would protect them and take them with you!!!!!!
    I think this story is cr*p if you ask me, no mother would leave her kids with a violent man whether he was the father or not, but if it is true, seems to me theres more to this story than someone is letting on.
    As for the title,” CSA demand money from woman who has none” lmao, CSA demand money ALL of the time from fathers who are NRP’S and have next to nothing!!!!!! As all the mothers say to the fathers, put up and pay up, they are your children too so pay!!!

  • Chloe says:

    A little over the top SB…….

    Male or Female this person is a NRP

    Molly join us at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk follow the links for the forum, whare you are guarantee’d a warm welcome x

  • SB says:

    Freedom of speech Sue- unlawful common purpose hasn’t managed to strangle that yet!!! We all know the system doesn’t work but it just amazes us when the man is the NRP and shouts he doesn’t get heard, yet as soon as the female PWC shouts when she becomes the NRP she shouts and everyone comes running!! When the shoe is on the other foot it’s amazing how wrongly done by they are but when it’s the man everyone falls silent. Thats the point i was making,it’s the old do as i say but then when it suits them don’t do as i do! Maybe when the ministers, female, have an experience of being in the paying NRP’s shoes they would then sit up and listen.

  • Chloe says:

    Sherri as a co-founder of deadbeatdads you claimed to support” ALL”NRP, is this what you call support?

    I know you made it clear you weren’t prepared to help PWC, but surely this falls into your remit ………………or are you subject of double standards…

    So who exactly are you supporting? because I cant make my mind up, and i’m sure other users will feel the same……………. But thats up to them to decide

  • SB says:

    Co-founder?!! lol founder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am not going to reiterate what i have already written, too tiresome, but suffice it to say this person has become an NRP by leaving the child/ren with the father,an abusive person,so it is written by the author. So they have become the NRP by default,i merely pionted out that when a woman becomes the NRP they cry as loud as they can, yet when the men do it they are ignored. Correct thinking Batman, if she had come to anyone as the NRP and outlined that payments couldn’t be afforded she would have had the same advice as everyone else,not double standards here just pointing out the truth. Once again runing around finding posts is time consuming and must mean little else for some to do, but their perogative. Trying to show others up is childish playground behaviour too, something which you were accusing someone else of in April of last year on this very site,please note that i have not posted to add fuel to that stream of comments, to which i could have!!
    Anything else you would like to comment on about my ability to advise NRP’s on or am i to take it that is a break for OJ until i post somewhere else?

  • deadbeatdad says:

    Original poster- You have found yourself in the situation that most fathers find themselves in ,, wife throws them out and then refuses to co operate,as stated you are now seeing and suffering what every NRP ( male ) suffers, the most you can hope for is to look up key words like CSA..NRP etc and see what organisations come up, but again as stated, welcome to the world of MOST paying male NRP, you are now on the other side of the fence and you will find that your voice will not be heard.

  • chall says:

    Molly, dont take any notice mate!

    We’re not sexist at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk/ ALL are welcome x

  • deadbeatdad says:

    Oh here we go again, Tracy you still have not read closely what I have put, I am not being sexist at all, READ and READ properly I quite clearly state that she will find herself in the same situation that most fathers find themselves in, how is this being sexist, now you are a female NRP your voice will not be heard, this is because they are now the NRP get it. It is quite clear you just come on here have a quick glance then you pounce, try making sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth or fingers to keyboard.

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