Csa deo

January 29, 2023

I have been paying my child support religiously since my daughter was born. I recently fell into financial issues , which are now resolved, I contacted the CSA to update them on my situation as they had reassessed me and put my payments up. Even though my earnings were substantially less, they refused to acknowledge anything I said or any paperwork I sent to them, and the next thing I know I’ve had a DEO placed on my employer. The CSA said that this was done under my ex partners insistence.

They are placing extra charges on top of the payment which is literally crippling me financially and putting my wife and other child into hardship. I’ve since discovered that a DEO is only used when they cannot obtain contact with the payer. I’ve also discovered that my ex has no say on whether a DEO is applied to my earnings. The CSA appear to only really care about making a quick buck out of me and I seem to get nothing but conflicting advice from them whenever I ring to talk to them. They just seem to be totally incompetent and lie as well. I’m at the stage where I’m considering legal action ?. Anyone else had a similar experience ?