CSA refuses to give me payment breakdown

March 28, 2019

I moved jobs in September wanting to sort out my own life before informing CSA I had changed jobs previously I paid for my daughter regularly via csa, they are now taking £59 out of my wages each week reducing the amount I have to live on. I am happy to pay back arrears for my daughter however I am struggling to live on remaining wages and can foresee me becoming homeless and then without a job meaning I won’t be able to pay any maintenance.

I have asked for a breakdown of exactly where my money is going and the CSA have refused to send me a paper copy stating they can read through it via a call but not is post. I have no contact with either the mother nor my daughter and my ex has threatened both myself and my parents with legal and the police for harassment. I have no option but to go through the CSA and suffer, while my ex gets all the help in the world including maintenance, housing benefit, carers allowance and a 16 hour a week job.