Ex husband earns twice my wage, yet still claims CSA against me

October 31, 2011

I am on the receiving end of being claimed against. even though I was nice enough to leave my ex husband in the family home & now have a poor standing of living, he still decides to claim against me, one of my sons – nearly 13, I have shared care for, but still need to apy for him.

My ex husband earns double what I do. Do the CSA care if I can afford to buy food ? No. as long as their rules are followed.

I wont be able to run my little banger of a car, meaning I will have to give up work !

CSA are making our lives a misery

October 31, 2011

My husbands ex girlfriend moved away when their daughter was 3 and he has had no contact with her since (her choice). He was paying her maintenance through a private agreement and then she closed her account and the payments kept bouncing back. He had no way to contact her as she moved away from the area and accepted that he would have to wait for her to get in touch.

Four years later he was contacted by the CSA, they told him he owed them £30k – they had based the figure on one years earnings when his business did well, they did not take into consideration that the following year his business went Read more

What costs should child maintainence to cover?

October 31, 2011

I am trying to establish exactly what child maintainance payments cover?

This query relates to my partner as the arrangement he and his ex wife have over the children completely differs to my own and has therefore raised questions.

I personally use my CSA payments to cover everything – all clothing, childcare, activities – everything my daughter requires. I pack a bag for her nights with her dad and he sends it back. This all works well. no blurred lines. Anything my ex hisband chooses to buy for our daughter is entirely up to him but not a Read more

Divorce Advice website partners with CSAhell.com

October 31, 2011

It’s a sad fact that divorce is an all too common outcome of marriage these days, and that anyone involved with the dreaded Child Support Agency will most likely have also had dealings with divorce lawyers, and have gone through the turmoil of a divorce and a financial settlement.

It can seem that you’re on your own when you’re in a divorce battle, and everything you do seems to result in expense, anger and resentment. There are plenty of places where you can get help on divorce though, but most companies offering divorce advice are very Read more

Don’t make the same mistakes that I did

October 31, 2011

I have a debt of over £23,000 which I now owe to the Child Support Agency Enforcement Team for which the CSA have taken the proceeds off an endowment policy to pay for our home, which has left us with another huge debt to the building society that we cannot afford pay back forcing us to sell our home which now has a charging order on it.

I would like to mention, like myself, over the years my partner even though the children are not blood related to her, has given, done, and gone without to make sure my children are loved and well looked after. The small terraced 2 bedroom property (which I brought out my ex partners share many years ago), is half my partners that she has worked and contributed too. The debt has been calculated on figures that are incorrect, even though I have paid more to the CSA, and the parent with care, more than their online calculator suggests ensuring my children are well loved supported Read more

Change of circumstances of ex partner

October 30, 2011

At the end of april i telephoned the CSA reporting a change of circumstances regarding my ex partner, he no longer has shared care and no longer lives at the address he claims from, it was declined due to his circumstances NOT changing, i know for a fact that he no longer lives at the address he claims to be at!!

PROOF – His daughter still stays at his ex girlfriends house on some weekends, he NO LONGER LIVES THERE, on phoning csa they say it is hard to prove, WHAT???? i have the address he now lives at and i know full well he no longer has shared care with my daughter REASON – SHE LIVES WITH ME!!

He is a single person with no responsibilties, I am sick of ringing and getting nowhere, not being able to speak to the case worker dealing with my case and being fobbed off with excuse after excuse.

12 weeks turnaround turned into 42 weeks for a claim

October 30, 2011

I proceeded with my claim on jan 07 2011 for csa from my ex partner.Was told the process takes aprox 12 wks.The details from my ex partners employers were given and recieved in march.I recieved a letter dated 20th june stating that it would be back dated too 7th of jan which was when i first made my claim.

The letter also stated that there was shared care and that my son stays 104 nights a year and that £9.71 had been deducted for this.I then phoned on the 28th june to amended this as at no stage of the claim had i informed or implemented that there was any shared care of my son.

After several more phone calls i then recieved a letter on 12th sept with payment details which still had a deduction on for shared care of my son.I then phoned again and then recieved at letter on the 19th sept which was amended but add reduced the period of back payment from jan to june.

I am due to get my 1st payment this week and have asked why it is not beening back paid too jan like u 1st stated.I was told that the phone call that i made in june made it into a change of circumstances and would only be back paid to then,at no time have i stated his dad had shared care of our son.now i am having to appeal for the 25 wks that is owed to me and i am still waiting for my 1st payment after 42 wks.I feel that the csa has occurred these arrears for my sons father in taking such eternity to end this claim .

God only knows how long it will take for my appeal .

Why are you helping NRPs get away without paying?

October 30, 2011

The CSA are doing everything they can to try and help me get some money from the no good non paying non resident parent and its websites like this that help that loser avoid paying for his children.

I work my backside off to put food on my kids plates and clothes on their back and those maintenance payments would make a huge difference to my childrens lifestyles. Yes I appreciate there are some non resident parents who are being wrongly treated by the CSA but what about the ones you are helping that should be paying for their children.

HUGE Thankyou for helping me and my children struggle more than what we should have to!!

CSA keeps paying the wrong account

October 30, 2011

I claimed csa for my daughter expecting it to make life a lot easier for all parties. He paid happily (as we agreed it was best to go through them to reduce tension and arguements) They recieved the payment from him on the 28th sept and i have still not recieved it on the 20th oct. Intitally they said i would recieve it on the 3rd oct and sent 3 letters confirming this.

When i hadn’t recieved the payment on the 3rd i phoned to discover they had recieved the payment on the 28th but the money wasn’t being sent to my account untill the 5th oct and i would have to wait a futher 3-5working days for the money to clear into my account. Thn after 5 working days when i had still not recieved the money i called them to check where the money was and they had sent it to the Read more

CSA made up fraudulant details about me

October 29, 2011

I am married with 3 children and earn 296 per week after tax, well i did untill my ex contacted the csa about my other daughter, i see and support her regulary. The CSA decided that i need to pay 90 per week to support one child. but sod my other 3 at home, they dont count. The only way i can make sure all my kids are clothed and fed is to split up from my wife and let her do a claim against me! But that will be wrong according to the csa. I have NEVER contracted with them, they have made up lots of lies Read more

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