How much should I be paying my ex?

December 18, 2017

I am writing as a father, i am 22 and im a student in uni training to be a teacher and my ex girlfriend wants £100 a month from i earn from student loans 7,032 per year. The baby hasnt stayed with me as of yet, i only met him for the forst time this week after 3 months due to the conflict what went on. I dont work, i just study and study on placement in schools which is unpaid also. Now i was wondering what i should be giving her per month? If you could help please. Iknow she claims benefits but dont know what they are.

CSA never paid me a penny but ex told daughter he paid hundreds

December 11, 2017

I have asked the CSA for a long time regarding my concerns over the lack of amounts that my daughter’s father was asked to pay.
Taking in to account his financial status.
They claimed that it was so very difficult to work out apparently because he had made it that way.

Well l did end up with about £3 but as my case is archive actually.l am not to clear whether it was weekly or monthly.

I was also never offered the so called bounus of about £10000 at the time.

Although there paper work claimed that would be the case not so.

My daughter is now a mother herself now.
I did try to get to the truth but found myself in a bit of a maze to be honest.

I once spoke to a solicitors about possibly 4/5 years ago .

The reason this has been so difficult is when my children were very young I collapsed while out shopping with them and I suffered a brain hemorrhage .

And the rest is pure hell, as you can imagine.

I still find it very difficult to attend to the many wrongs and no rights that l have experienced because of this,in every aspect of my life since that fateful summer day.
That is why I truly believe I have to ask you to help me with this matter

And I only just found your site last evening.

My daughter was not in contact while she was young but did contact her father when she was older and he was happy to tell her that he apparently paid many hundreds of pounds in mantanice payments,which obviously became as a huge surprise to me.

I would be very grateful if you could help me to get this matter sorted out.

I feel it important to me because we suffered very much because of my long term disability, l didn’t have any financial stability.

And I feel very hurt and deeply shocked if this is the case were apon her father has paid those large amounts were has the money gone to ect ect.

I am unable to continue as l find this typing thing very difficult and takes me an absolute age.
I hope you don’t mind l shall sign of now.
I do hope that gives you some clarify on my situation .

I still can’t believe that I found this site when I need it the most.
Thank goodness.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
There’s some more to tell you soon

Incompetent CSA take more than they should to leave us in difficulty

December 10, 2017

My partner has a 14 yr old son from a previous relationship, for the last 7 year he has been paying to CSA, most months they take too much from his wage, for 7 year we have been telling them we have a daughter ( aged 7) but they have never put her on the system, they tell us we have never told them!! We sent a copy of her birth cert 5 year ago however they claim they never received it, for the last few month they have been taking 40% of my partner’s wage, last month we were left with £800, our rent alone is £600 , his ex partner received £588 , she claims benefits and has her rent, council tax ect paid for, this month they are taking 40% and it will leave us with less than £500 , we cant claim benefits as my partners wage was above the threshold last year, On top of this the child in question doesn’t live with his mother anymore, he lives with my partner’s mother and has done for a while now, I’ve told child maintenance service this and was told ” then you will have to prove that” my partner has wrote his notice out as we are in severe financial difficulty now, ie we have bailiffs knocking at our door, we will be £800 a month better if is he becomes unemployed, we are at our wit’s end and don’t know which way to turn, our local mp has wrote a letter to the complaints manager at child maintenance but this could take up to 6 month to even be looked at, can anyone please give us any advice?

CSA refuse to accept facts so they can continue to steal for as long as possible

December 8, 2017

So I have been paying £808 per month from my salary for my son , I informed the CSA that he is no longer in education since august , they refused to believe me , refused to contact my ex wife to confirm , I provided them with a letter from the school to confirm he left school in august which again they refused to accept . They have no informed me that the deductions will be stopped as they have realised their error , they became aware of the error on the 11th November but stilld educted money in November and have now informed me that they have still not written to my payrole provider to stop the deduction in December . this can only be described as theft and corruption. They have admitted they failed to take into account a payment of £450 I made to my ex wife in December 2016 and have never reduced my deductions to show this payment They refuse to provide me with a copy of the letter confirming this payment . They have now admitted that they failed to inform me that I should have changed from deductions to standing order after 6 months , and blame myself for not telling them to change it , even thou they never made me aware. I cannot believe the incompetence , they are the most corrupt organisation I have ever dealt with. I am tempted to take legal action against them for theft.

CSA are punishing me for their incompetence

December 6, 2017

Paid my csa by direct debit every month on time until the present organization took over early this year. This is because they couldn’t gain any details from the previous organization and couldn’t decide how much i needed to pay. This took 3 months before they finally work out my payments.I set up a direct debit to my ex via the account details they sent me and carried on paying again on time every month. Now they have had a review because i have worked extra hours and told me my payment has increased and it will be by their pay and collect service because i have not paid and missed payments???, i sent them proof of payments from my bank account which covers all payments apart from the 3 months it took them to come to a decision on how much i needed to pay. So in my eyes i never missed a payment because i didn’t know how much they wanted so surly this isn’t my fault and shouldn’t be punished for their incompetence. This pay and collect service is an extra 20% on my payments that i’m already struggling to maintain.I don’t know what to do anymore as even when i try and explain this over the phone to them they don’t seem interested.

I’ve taken CSA to court as they bullied me into paying for a child that isn’t mine for 10 years

December 5, 2017

Ive been fighting the csa for the past 10 years. Ive always denied being the farther of a child yet csa have bullied into taking money i was not om the birth certificate and there was no dna evidence. But after taking the csa and mother to court privately ive now got dna evidence. And guess what im not the farther. The csa failed to do there job correctly and do everything possible to prove. They have admitted liability and miss management of the case. We are now taking legal proceedings against the csa to claim everything back. Were also going to try make a change to there systems on how they conduct cases in the future. Keep eyes open we have media intreasted in this case.

Can ex stop paying just because he doesn’t think he’s the father?

December 4, 2017

Me and my ex broke up during my pregnancy, he said he was going to stay involved. However now the baby is born and he does not believe he is the dad and is refusing to pay his child maintenance. He is the father and am willing for a blood test to be done to prove it, was wondering if he is able to just stop paying for his son?

CSA went back on agreement and doubled the money they took off me

December 2, 2017

Following the death of very close family members in quick succession, then being told to leave the marital home shortly after, I had 3 RTAs through tiredness and stress in a fortnight and broke down in a doctor’s surgery. I really couldn’t face my stressful London job, coupled with 4 hours of commuting every day and tried instead to establish a new business with a friend locally. It struggled for quite some time, our wage was a maximum of £60 or £70 a week, in 2000 – if we were lucky – and it rose and fell when the wind changed. Then the ‘amazing thing’ happened and for around a year or so, we were doing very well. My ex then asked me to put aside money to help the kids through university, which I did. And then – of course – the inevitable happened, the wind changed and income dried up all but completely. I had to dip into those savings to survive. The company dissolved. Of course, the ex saw the company accounts for that rich period and told the CSA I was a wealthy man withholding money. There was a tribunal in which I tried to represent myself. I didn’t come across too well it seems, you really have to know the law to succeed there I think. They only really looked into that brief bountiful period, not the year before when I was struggling, nor the ones after when it was nearly as bad, if not worse due to having commitments. They didn’t take into account my signing over the house to my ex.

The result of the tribunal was they demanded that I pay off the outstanding calculated amount of arrears in 2 years. The amount asked for was more than I was actually earning over 2 years at the time and so I asked for help from a debt advisor. He said he would deal with it. I authorised him to do so, but strangely the CSA don’t seem to have records of that, saying a letter arrived but with no signature, so they couldn’t act on it. Apparently they couldn’t tell me that he couldn’t act for me either.

Recently, after negotiation with them, during which they agreed to give me time to pay (which was all I was asking for in the first place) I agreed with them to pay a lump sum from what I’d been able to hold onto from the savings, and then regular payments I felt I could afford. I paid the lump sum, set up a direct debit and received confirmation of that and their thanks, thinking everything was sorted out for the moment. It was however accompanied by another letter in the same post saying they were increasing my new outstanding debt by over 200% and doubling my monthly payments. These don’t seem to take into account present circumstances, which are admittedly a bit better than they were over the last 5 or 6 years, but still on the dodgy side, my income isn’t regular, nor the fact that the high earning period was only a blip.

How is it they can negotiate and come to an agreement, then renege on it immediately and not take into account reduced income?

CSA take so much that I have a tenner left to live on

December 1, 2017

Well my daughter mother wont let me see my daughter but the child maintenace think its ok to take £177 a month out of my wage when i work a zero hour contract and some days now the weather is bad we dont get work and that means no money and ive been off work with a cold / stress / depression and for the next four weeks i got paid the grand some of £10:37 to last me 4 weeks and im not joking its getting beyond a joke now how on earth am i expected to get food drinks and other things to keep me going and seen as im a type 1 diabetic its going to be the end of me now , i mean how the #### am i suposed to live on £10.37?