How can I be in arrears?

November 30, 2017

I have been paying CM for about 3 years now through the Collect And Pay as my ex refuses to communicate despite this being at a detriment to us both! I received  a letter saying that i owe nearly a grand in arrears! Despite the money being taken from my wages before i am even paid, how is this possible if i never even see the money?

Thanks for any help.

My friend has an alleged son and the mother is demanding money with no access to child

November 29, 2017

My friend has an alleged son that the mother has not allowed him to see but now after 6 years she is saying she wants to take him to the CSA. He would love to be a father to his alleged child and would be willing to pay his share towards him but doesn’t that mean he should also have some rights of access to the child? If he has to pay for a paternity test does he also have to pay to take her to court to get access or with a paternity test and CSA involvement would he automatically be allowed regular access? He would love to have an input in his alleged sons life unfortunately after seeing him 2 or 3 times as an infant he has not been allowed access. Not because he’s done anything wrong it’s because she has someone else and feels she’s much better off with my friend out of her life. The fact that she has now decided to get the CSA involved suggest that something has happened and she is now in need of extra money.

Ex using kids as a weapon to get more money

November 28, 2017

I’ve been seperated from ex partner for 5years and have 4 children ive had my children every other weekend and been paying 150 pound per month and just recently as I wanted too swap weekend due too accusations from my ex and because my standing order last month went into her account couple hours late she as gone through csa and ive got too pay 311 pound which I cant afford as ive got new partner with her two children and I love having my kids and she is stopping me seeing them now which I find is wrong using the kids as a weapon.

CSA won’t take my present salary into consideration when calculating payments

November 27, 2017

CSA using previous years tax code when I was earning 13k more than I am now, but will not take present salary into equation. They say I have to wait until new tax year ??? I have actually been overpaying my ex for two years using the CSAs own calculator on my present earnings but again they will not take this into consideration ??

CMS decide to up my payments after incorrect calculations

November 26, 2017

My CMS hell is the same as all the others, I paid regularly for my son but when a new partner turned up with my ex so did the CMS.

To make life simple I agreed and paid the payments with no objections, but this year as it seems I am an easy target for CMS they have calculated a 16%+ increase due to a company car being included with my work.

I cannot get it through to them that this is not money in my hand if anything it is a decrease due to tax, my P60 is not acceptable as proof of earnings nor are payslips, I have even contacted the TAX office and they have said the calculation should be on earnings not benefit in kind allowances (BIK).

This year everything has gone up except wages and as a final kick in the teeth I have to give a 16% + pay rise to a benefits scrounger.

When I have challenged the CMS all I get is MP’s have agreed it take it up with them.

We should all get together publicly as a group petition parliament and let the MP’s know they will loose votes it has worked for other organisations it is the only thing they understand or try human rights something has to be done.

CSA were supposed to enforce a backdated payment but I’m still waiting 3 years later

November 25, 2017

I have been waiting for 3 years now for my back pay from my ex partner i was told by the CSA that the legal enforcement were getting involved and that it would be sorted out well I have waited all this long and still nothing I need that money as I’m in debt and the stress and worry is getting to me I have been having bailiffs knocking on my door have felt really depressed it seems that they don’t care as nothing has been done.

It’s the good people that get screwed by the system

November 23, 2017

My story is a short one. Got a job and notified the CMS before starting. No payment calculation sent out, nevertheless I paid my ex based on my last payment. They sent letters to an address I didn’t give them, then I called up and asked what was happening and updated my contact details. Months after the sent me a calculation with months of arrears. I have not missed a months payment at all. The new payment is £50 more and has been under a year so not sure how I have racked up thousands of pounds of arrears. They sent me a letter threatening leagal action, I paid and they said issued a deduction of earnings. Now they want more than double of what I should be paying.

Like someone above i was tricked into a baby, but I never held this against the baby as it’s not his fault. I want to provide as that is the right thing to do. She has not worked since she had him and is treating me as an ATM.

I am at a crossroads of quitting my job as I can’t afford to live and pay unjust arrears whilst she sits and gets everything handed to her.

For all the women on here slating men, it’s the good people that get screwed by the system. The bad ones play the system well.

I’d appreciate any help with this.


Ex vanished with son and even a judge can’t trace him

November 20, 2017

My son was born in 2011, I have paid sincecrhe day he was born due to me and the mother never swing eye to eye.

In 2015 the mother contacted while on holiday to notify me she was disappearing with my son and there was no point trying to locate her. Now obviously I did try to locate her coating me over £1000 in court fees.

The judge spent 3 months trying to locate the mother of my child and my child to which he was unsuccessful.

I have no problem paying for my child as it’s not about the money. It’s merely the point and principle that 1) she has broken a court order set out in 2013. 2) i do no know where my chold currently resides 3) if the judge cannot locate her what the he’ll am I doing still paying for my son?

What course of action can I take to have payments stopped or pause until she comes out the woodwork an allows me by law to know where my son is living? I have joint patently responsibility as my name is on the birth certificate and we have an inial court order stating so.

Please help.

CSA pays my mom even though I live with my nan so I get no support

November 16, 2017

I’m 16 and my mom and dad split up when I was around 1 which was around 2002 and I lived with my mom which when I had csa money coming through to help look after me but I moved in with my Nan and my mom still claims to have the money to her but I’m struggling with money so is their a way I can tell someone I’m living with my Nan and that It should come to me as I’ve asked my mom plenty of times but she just don’t give it me and it really isn’t fair on me and also my Nan who has to look after me and has no support.

I made overpayments for a year and CSA won’t refund me!

November 15, 2017

I’ve recently contacted the csa explaining that my son was working and no longer in full time education and I was still paying csa after two weeks they contacted me and said that he was not eligible for maintenance from August 2016 but I’d paid up to August 2017 when I asked for a refund for the over payment they have refused saying that the decision was made by the director because the third party has been paid. Any help please?

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