Should I approach CSA again?

October 31, 2015

My ex partner doesn’t pay any money for his child. Two years ago CSA take payments from him after some months I decided to cancel because father off my child told me hi will buy food and clothing for my son But he never did, am a single mum and he doesn’t have contact with my son but I think he should give some money, I just ask you to hellp me with this situation.

Friend’s ex is lying to the CSA

October 30, 2015

I am desperate to help my friend June, her husband Andrew turned around one day out the blue to tell her he no longer loved her, he turned nasty, they lived in separate bedrooms for years, him doing what he wanted(which was pretty disgusting) Andrew by the way is an Osteopath, working in different clinics AND he also had his own business (a training school for osteopath’s) so he is earning a pretty god dam good wage at £45 an hour per patient. June struggled to bring up their 2 children. Eventually they divorced and June moved to a pokey rented home, where her X Husband Andrew had agreed to help with the rent and maintenance. June slowly started getting use to this life as a single parent. She seemed much happier with him not around and began to smile again….

Then the maintenance stopped, he withdrew as guarantor for her rented accommodation and June hit rock bottom. June had to give up work due to suffering from severe depression, panics attacks and anxiety. She then found he had lied about the profit from the sale of THEIR home. What more could this horrible man do to her? Well today she had a letter from the CSA (CMS) where the calculations for Andrews wages is claimed to be £148.00 a week. (so he only works 3 hours a week ?????) I think not. Giving June £19.00 a week . This man has lied, I hear so much about self employed men doing this, How do they get away with it?? I am worried about my friends welfare, I live 50 miles away from her, she has no fight left in her due to her mental health issues. Please can you help?? I am disgusted with this so called man . A father??? I think NOT!

Can ex still claim CSA even though she had the child adopted?

October 29, 2015

ungh where to even start, im not going to go into the back story as its far too long , but basically a long time ago when i was young naive, and didnt really have my head screwed on, in a relationship i didnt really want i ended up making a lot of bad choices and mistakes.

and during this time i ended up getting someone pregnant, upon this happening i was handed the line ”haha iv got what i want now you can F**k off” i was also left with a large amount of debt, and after she left she broke into my house with her friends and left me penniless, broke and everything gone that i owned….

fast forward many years and she is still the same despicable woman she was then, and every chance i get she goes out her way to try and cause some form of trouble…

most of that trouble stems from the CSA, and here is the hell iv endured.

ever since they got in touch they have been nothing but trouble, building up arrears which never existed, taking more money than they should, arrogant phonecalls , not listening to anything i have to say, and constant pestering, after struggling for a long time with poor wages because of how much the CSA deem sensible, i was made redundant, with no payout…

since my redundancy her and hte CSA have not been off my back, telling me that they are going to force claims upon me, cease good and all take me to court, i must have been through the same call 100 times, and received the same letter a million times, in turn me trying to explain that i do not work at the minute, i dont have a penny to my name, and i cannot claim JSA nor do i get any income of my own..

yet they will not stop pestering me, every day another phonecall asking me the same questions, to the point where im becoming depressed, they wont listen, they dont care about your situation, they just want to peck away at you until you break, its ridiculous….

but now my icing on the cake is , and this is what im trying to find out what my legal standing or rights are…

not only are both parents fidlling claims and working on the side, but the child was adopted some time ago…

so why am i still getting pestered , i must add, iv never seen this child, not once, she disappeared as soon as the pregnancy was discovered, the first i heard was about 8 years ago when the CSA nightmare began.

im trying to find out if im legally obliged to pay anything. (not that i can until i find work) or if all rights have now been revoked, and i can stop being pestered daily, if i mention it to the CSA on the phone, they refuse to answer and just start pushing me for payments i cannot make, as i literally do not have  a penny to my name.

CSA can’t do the simplest of things correctly

October 28, 2015

I have been battling with the csa for several years now, but the most recent have been the worst.

Earlier this year I received my usual statement from them, which I noticed my protected income was £0.00, basically meaning if I happen to be off work for any reason they can leave me with ‘sod all’, so I phoned them and after several minutes of listening to their rubbish I decided to put in for another assessment and I also asked my wife if she would give her salary details, as I was told it would not be used to pay my child maintenance, what a load of rubbish that was, we’ll when the assessment came through my payments went up by £40 a week to over £150 a week, yes you read that correctly £150 a week, not a happy bunny, what’s worse they take it from my wages and I’ve never had the chance to pay directly.

Well the next time I contacted them was to discuss this new way payments were to be conducted, direct payments, they informed me that they were trying to encourage all clients to arrange payments between themselves, so I asked how to go about this as I don’t have any contact details for my former wife, they said they would contact her and see if this would be a consideration, after several weeks of not receiving any information I call the csa again (July this year), they said the letter was in the process of being sent, how silly was I to believe that. Three months later I had still not heard anything, so again I phoned them, to find out that they hadn’t sent any correspondence to my ex wife, now there’s a surprise, I am assured that they are going to attempt to phone my ex, yeah right, if that fails they are going to write to her, I suppose that will take another 3 months, what are we supposed to do when simple things are not being done, this is beginning to get on top of me now, to the point of just getting a gun and shooting myself, these people are supposed to be there to help us all, after all we’re the ones paying their wages.

CSA are a bunch of con artists

October 27, 2015

I was conned into signing house and my share of equity (£17k) over in consent order on condition It was covering maintenance for my son added extras aswel as purchase clothes etc she wasn’t to get CSA involved.. Wrong 10years since they have chased me and ruined my New family with 3 children Ignored no matter what I tell them. And to add insult to injury £3k I owed them has just gone up £5k in 2 weeks all I did was ask for statement of years owed and they changed a payment from 2006 by increasing the bill.

My kids now want to live with me. What should I do?

October 26, 2015

I have 3 boys, i split from their mother over 4 years ago, i have them every friday, and saturday, and every other week the sunday as well, over the past 4 years when dropping them back they tell me they dont want to go home and i get them crying and hugging me for ages before i can leave them, my eldest (8year old) says he wants to live with me when he goes to high school, which is fine, my (5year old) isnt too fused but still cries when i leave him, my (7year old) is saying he want to live with me, and crys, and sobs for ages today he skyped me still crying 2 hrs after dropping him back home, he made me cry with what he was saying, (not while i was talking to him after i we had finished talking) he tells me he wants to live with me, i have explained that he would have to change school ect, this makes no difference he’s insistent that he wants to be with me, me and his mother work, so he stays at breakfast club and after school club, which he would have to do if he was with me, what should i do, he obviosly isnt happy at home, we have joint custody, can he just come live with me, i want him to be happy thats the most important thing any help would be great.

Can CSA refuse a private agreement?

October 25, 2015

my ex and i split up whilst she was pregnant(i didnt know ) 9 months down the line get a call to say im a dad, i was told to keep away and she didnt want a penny from me, moving on 8 years, i have had nothing but hassle from csa, taking money from my wages etc, silly amounts leaving me in really bad finacial difficulty, and the latest from my ex is that shes hardly had a penny from csa but i have paid, over the last two years they have messed up my claim, and they say im in the wrong for giving them the wrong details, even though they had all my payslips and have been in contact with my employer,( and my last award notice, they messed up the minimum protected amount i can keep, an set it higher than what i earn so ex wasnt getting a penny, i informed csaa of this but they said teh details were correct, i contacted my ex, and asked to set up a private aggrement, but she says that csa wont accept it, even though i have offered to pay her slighty more than what csa are trying to take, can they refuse??????

Can I claim compensation from the CSA?

October 24, 2015

In 2012 the PWC wrote to the CSA falsely claiming that shared care had ceased. The CSA did not act on this until 2014 asking me to provide evidence of shared care in 2012. Although I was able to scramble together some evidence of shared care, they required full evidence of at least 52 nights shared care. This evidence was no longer available to me in 2014, but would have been back in 2012. I am now in arrears of child maintenance with the CSA taking £600 per month from my salary. This is threatening my mortgage payments. Do I have a case for compensation from the CSA for their incompetence in 2012?

I still have to pay because ex won’t inform CSA of circumstances

October 23, 2015

Just been told by the csa and child tax credits that I still have to pay csa because my ex has not informed them the child dropped out of college 7 months ago.

They will not check with college and told me it only closes when the mother tells them he is not going college.

Csa says they won’t stop the case until child tax credits tells them to as she is still claiming child tax credits as she has not told them either. Csa told me to ring child tax credits and Child tax credits told me they will not discuss any inforamtion because I am not the person receiving them. And to cut a long story short there’s nothing any of them can do until the mother rings them to cancel them and say he’s nots going college.

The mother can do this up until the csa ends at 20 years old as long as she says he’s in college because the csa and child support won’t check.

I can’t afford to live with CSA

October 22, 2015

The CSA are taking £303.00 a month out of my salary . I am getting into trouble with bills rent, council tax, and utility bills. My salary is not covering our house hold bills . I have another 3 children and are all in education. The amount keeps changing from month to month . I can never get the same amount every time I ring . my marriage is in trouble as I carnt pay my share of bills and money for my children that I have with my wife . I do agree that I pay for my other child . I am struggling with the amount I have to pay each month.

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