CSA discriminate against the father all in the name of profit

November 18, 2016

I have phone 12 times in three days to cms been hung up twice and dictated too about Chargers are fair ?

Chikd support is not chargers

Being in debt to a questanated debt is unfair If the parent with care is not a decent person then chikd support will discriminate on her behalf I made an offer last year through cms to have 10% of my wages as child support to the pwc she accepted then refused which cms gave a doe from £378 to £228 from a letter of my local mp Which cms stated that it does cost me to collect my children and a judge in a tribunal agreed with But cms have lost the judgement set out nearly two months ago The cms are for profit children’s needs are not just financal they are also emoitional and educational aswel So being discriminated against for being a parent and being treated as a bank to say that I will pay for another household on a £1000 month income after tax is unreasonable to be instructed by pwc for financal abuse is cocersive and controlling behaviour To be informed by cms that only £51 is a charge When they agreed it was a set price of £55 minus contact costs £22 = £33 No profit in such a small amount Which I was granted by the intervention of my local mp which cms have disregarded that statement / contract it is in writing

When stating the fair financal act says the minim wage should be enough to live on

The government money advise shop says if a company leaves you with nothing to live on the it’s financal abuse The nrp is also pwc when they have their children but that is not taken into the costs of chargers If the pwc is using the system to deny the kids contact then that’s chikd abuse The system of exploitation low income workers because if the natural act of having children Is making money then the system does and will not work Each parent should be able to go to mediation and have a right to terms of payments If the pwc doesn’t attend she’s in breach not the nrp being stolen their living and then be told Xmas so what you owe we want pay up It’s your own fault for having children DISCRIMINATION it’s a sexist tax I’m a man born in the 1970’s not the 50’s This act should be abolished and a personal through the hmwp on a tax in our wages Not a deduction but a fair amount that does not deny children basic needs in both households cms is and has been corrupted by the pwc to deny contact with their biological children Because they don’t like you any more but will take the money Then that is unlawful How can a fair system want by April next year £5,000+ out of a 15,500 income before tax When the pwc get benefits of nearly £1000 + wages and any other money tax free If I get a second income I will be taxed and cms will take more money Even when they are leaving me with nothing to live on Nothing about this system is fair or balanced if the pwc is dishonest then the company representing her is also dishonest Breach of contract loss of information phone calls that go nowhere or phone call never being made The abuse/discrimation when on the phone Should not have had kids if you could not afford them Women have kids fathers it’s a biological impossibility Pwc can live in filth and neglect But the money in chikd support is to give a better standard of living The doe is meant to be monitored so if you fall below the 60% of net wages to live on That is also unlawful I want to pay but now I’m paying it’s just not enough The system of appeal does not exist the order of a tribunal judge does not exist the local mp the same The new or old system are being used at the same time to get or grab as much as possible quote help I’m going out of my mind I’m a worker a home owner and a token father to my three children Which the new child law is attacking me For a wage that has paid taxes for another tax As the same rate as tax and nic Which is 50% of my wages are a tax before paying more tax home tax TV water road tax fuel tax cigs tax food tax a toll tax And somehow I am to get to work and collect my children on £100 a month Stupid law stupid system Abuse if it feels wrong then it is.