Can the dad stop paying if I change son’s name?

June 3, 2015

If my son was to change his last name from his dads name to my madian name as he has no contact with his dad.

But his dad is on his birth certificate would he loose his entitlement to csa payments?


  • diane dickson says:

    I asked if my son could change his surname to the same as mine even though his dad is on his birth certificate because his dad had an affair with my best friend and walked away from me and my son and had another son with her a few months later but he had tried to choke my son before he left and stopped giving him pocket money and hasn’t been in contact with my son for almost 18 month now. But he was a father to him for 14 years and I feel that he should have to take ths responsabilty of being a parent one way or another as we made that choice together and I am still honoring my part of being a good mother to my son. But he feels like his dad hates him and doesn’t want to know him anymore and he doesn’t want to have to carry on the name of someone who is not interested in playing apart in his life. But I feel that he deserves something from his dad even if its only very small donation to help him out. Iean what is £7 a week thats a £1 a day come on.

  • gonk says:

    disgusting skank!! money money money, that’s all most of you mothers care about, how much you can max your booty off the back of the kids.
    kids = cash cow
    nrp = ATM

    To think I will have paid the skank that walked out and took my daughter with her 40+ grand by the time she reaches her 20th birthday and she will gain fuck all from it. Her mother will have pissed it all away as she is doing so now. im forced to hand over £300 a month for 1 child. Her mother could save as least half that for my daughter, the bitch works fulltime, so does her partner, 2 fucking incomes to my 1 and the bitch cant put some of my money away for my daughters future. I would but cant because I have to hand it over to the skank ex. And some of you bitches on here wander why us nrp’s have a problem with the csa and pwc. so full of shit the lot of you.

  • Cindy says:

    My son is 17 and want to change his name to his new stepdads name do I still have to pay csa

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