Will the CSA reduce payments if he buys clothes for the kids?

July 21, 2013

My partner has 2 boys from a previous relationship. He had been paying £380 a month for 2 years – £92 approx more than he should have been, including paying her twice one month at get request.

He is now earning less and said he’d cut payment by £30 a month, to £350 – She was not happy at all about the cut and said go through csa. Of which it drops to £270 a month. So she is obviously furious.

She has just told my partner, that when he had his kids 2 nights + a fortnight, (and twice in the week) that he’s to provide them with clothes. – not that she provides them with enough. She doesn’t want to keep packing bags for the over night stays. She said it’s his responsibly while he has them, to make sure they are clothed. He said thats what his maintenance is for, making sure they are clothed, fed etc. So from today, she won’t be packing anything for the boys. Is she allowed to do this? Could CSA reduce his payments to cover the fact he now has to provide clothes for his boys??

She is being so unreasonable because she had got too used to being paid too much. I’m a mum of 3, my ex husband gives me £80 a week (when Csa said I was entitled to £135. It doesn’t go up when his wages rise, he doesn’t contribute to any school clothes, school trips, and I make sure my children have enough clothes when they are with him. I don’t go through CSA cos I’m not there to break him financially. I want him to be a dad. my ex and I split through domestic violence, yet I never put him through anything I see as unfair. Yet my partner and his ex separated due to her having an affair (although she won’t admit it) she’s now married and has another child, yet my partner still does so much, and she wants more and more and more…. Rant over!!! Where does he stand with the latest demands?? Does he really have to provide clothing when he has his boys? And if so, can maintenance be reduced? Thank you


  • Gonk says:

    As Dave said DON’T DO IT
    Its something that most dads would do and without hesitation but where the CSA scum is involved then DON’T because they and th pwc work to rob the Nrp for whatever they can get the CSA do not care and conveniently see it as a gift..and your choice just as the famous troll on here called Alice who works for the CSA told me…” it was my choice I married the skank I did,it was my choice I took her on honeymoon” and so in her eyes ( the CSA) it was my choice and nothing to do with what’s right,expected of a man for his wife’s happiness….just as the troll also said about a guys fault that he had to travel so far to his place of work and it was HIS choice….the fact that he may not have any any choice and had to find work outside his own town or city….but that’s CSA mentality for you.
    Oh and I’m guessing the mother will not thank you for buying clothes for your kids….just snigger behind her hand and think what a mug you are……so DON’T DO IT

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