CSA exploits fathers who want to pay

February 2, 2018

The stress of being punished for being a dad is ruthless The dishonesty of child maintenance services are criminals Fraud deception The amount paid has never been a fair amount it’s always been a bit more Rome 84 per month on my yearly income 4 years ago it’s now 87 per week And Cms we can lawfully access your bank account for the monies if you have it or not I went on sick leave because it’s stressful being subjected to this abuse Now funny buggers I’m not on benefits which I don’t want to be but the lack of common sense they said oh yes it’s £7 a week now Which is mad since I’ve had a job for 22 years been a home owner for 9 years But the lack of equaikty dignity Cms need to reject fair offer because no 24% charge in fba

So in that case it’s a lie It’s about children no its about free money and punishment laws Both parents need a home children need both parents not just nrp bank details Child support wasn’t set up to discredit fathers or deny working parents a wage So in its own Controdiction of polices and procedures It lacks consumer law debt management Child ensure act I was in arrears I couldn’t afford it at that time I’ve paid 14 payments by standing order all greater than the agreed amount and 17 statory doe But I’m in arrears by the 24% charge they have taken Cms no we did not do what you have said we are acting by law and children law And I should have paid in the first place

If it’s about taking responsibility then by being punished it’s unlawful if the government does not want to look after its citizens from cradle to the grave Then a tax on our wages should cover that cost Cms have said I should earn more to cover the loss of income But pay more in taxes and increased child payments which is racketeering and exploiataion And have no income no access to appeal or appeals being rejected by the complaints team that takes months to find out Endless phone calls of I’m new to your case I should do this and that How if it’s a brickwall company that is a monopoly it’s governed by itself regulates it’s own practice of rejection refusal false promise Which again is dishonest It’s just fraud 50% deductions of earnings as well as the 15% statory tax then no point in being employed Which is a breach of my human rights .

By having a zero income was the only way to seek a resolution with this shambolic company But it lacks common sense How do I see my children with no income how can I provide for my children’s needs with no income Stupidity 4 years of I’m a scumbag for not paying when every payment has left me nothing to live on Travel costs rejected a tribunal rejected 6 lenters from local mp They sayou now I need to contact my local mp to ask her to investagate my whole case Which is just another brickwall tactic of abuse I’m a father on a low income but 87 x52 and 24% charge and I’m in a fba with my ex wife Is an unreasonable contract and it’s impractical to be expected to go to work for 65% less of a contractual income And still be subjected to ever increasing chargers Mothers get housing benefit working Tax credits part time wage and chikd supoort payments which are tax free

Nrp get a wage maybe tax credits but it’s not enough So how is it fair If the pwc is none compliant either then it’s a scam Until she agrees we can do what we want are hands are tied Well that is child abuse Father’s being pushed out because the woman feels a failure for the breakdown of the relationship Then it’s cocersive control Backed up by an unfair law that treats fathers as banks put into extreme hardship food banks family handouts the stress of how do I pay with what Mp’s it won’t impact on equality So I cannot have a job an income a home I’m buying being a dad A holiday clothing food heat pay my bills Because the Greed engine of exploitation is greater than my human rights to live I offered it was rejected By its rejection and excessive practice Cms have committed fraud Which is repudiation The stress of being poor on a wage that does not cover one household is somehow cover two when the pwc get paid three times over It’s criminal and the crooks are Cms in breach of common law bill of rights consumer laws contractual laws And the biggest crime is being denied a fair process I’m saying this policy has a flaw and that flaw it’s scam to make free money Putting prisoners free and debt ridden fathers with no income in prison it’s disgrace on the goverment And the Queen We are all subjected to law and lawful practice Even the Cms


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  1. David Bourne on April 4th, 2018 9:12 am

    If my compliants are have been seen then why has nothing been done to improve the system
    50% from my bank account was unreasonable bring expected to earn the 80 hours shortfall in my household income unrealistic
    Taking months to get nowhere
    9 months out of work because you cannot see that
    It’s fraud and dishonest
    To goto employment for 50% less after statory taxes
    That’s 68% in tax before Housing and living costs and how woukd as a father still have regular contact and live in my home on this surcharge that it not in line with a person’s wage
    And is in Controdiction to your own guidelines that sate t 60% nett income should still be for the nrp as a protected earnings
    Or after 6 months it’s direct pay not the collect pay with the service charge
    Or 6 months statory payments 6 months voluntary payments
    17 months deduction of earnings at 10 different amounts
    All greater than the 16% I was to pay
    Taxing me at 50% is daft
    By putting me into hardship my children when I’m pwc my children are in hardship
    And as a non person with no rights
    I made an offer it was agreed by pwC set up by Cms
    It was rejected because Cms can make 1700 a year
    Which did not show up on my p60
    Which statory taxes do
    Balanced and fair
    No 4 years of mis management false promises
    34 payments of collect and pay be in arrears by the surcharge
    Inept practice Emointional and financial abuse
    This practice has nothing going to do with children’s needs it’s about % chargers
    Being employed for 22 years on a grand a month to be told no earn more
    Being a home owner for 9 years paying my mortgage from my bank acount
    No if a threat of 87 per week how ?
    Cms went through my bank account in 2014 and said we can only take real money not monies from overdrafts
    This system is oppressive abusive and cocerosive by cococersive control
    It is a breach of human rights to be denied an income
    As a customer of a service
    Then consumer law should be in place
    To be free of bad practice and racketeering And exploitive practice
    Which the goverment does not see this
    As it’s another way to make free money from the poor or low income workers
    The reality is domestic violence will.increase because
    The system has no middle ground
    Now I’m on a benefit nothing we can do
    Pwc does not agree nothing we can do
    But we can take excessive payments deny contact
    Basic rights
    I have a duty to provide for my children Not the Cms
    And by being a father
    pwc should be accountable for this disgraceful practice
    Because the state provude housing costs chilike allowance part time wage tax and family credits
    Nrp a wage that is an allowance whigh is not enough to live on or enough to pay statory bills or have a car a home or a job
    Because what point is there in being exploited for wanting to be employed
    Lacks common sense knowledge
    the stress of being worthless denied an income anxiety of how do I pay for bills
    When there is no money to pay them
    This system has made me a prisoner in my own home
    By having no disposable income
    Had to access food banks because of excessive chargers
    Been put into poverty by my ex partner Who does not want me to have contact with my kids
    And using this system as another weapon
    The principle out weights the consequences
    I’m no criminal I’ve paid taxes for 22 years
    This chikd taxation is fraud and dishonest
    Cms take responsibility for your actions
    Mostly fathers who have a home a job and regular contact woukd be easy targets to be exploited By this system
    That statement was written in 2005 by the Bristol report by an independent focus group
    2018 ?
    2008 David hens haw
    Wrote that csa would not work just by punishments and nrp household income be taken into account
    Because as a person we have a right under UK law
    To be safe guarded protected have security of home income life education children
    Right to holidays time off from employment
    Stupid lacks dignity equality and diversity
    Just an oppresive abusive practice by goverment out of touch with reality
    Wages no increase for years
    Household bills 500% than 10 years ago
    This system needs to be abolished because it’s dishonest

  2. David Bourne on April 4th, 2018 9:49 am

    This taboo of pwc has greater rights than nrp
    Because children out of poverty
    Is a scam
    Being forced out of employment because I don’t earn enough income is also a scam
    The lack of reasonable service
    To be told going nowhere here then hung up on
    Now you call we cannot answer you today phone back tomorrow
    I’ve been asking for a case manager to contact me over my compliants
    No response or when they do I miss the call
    Because money time limit or time when they will inform me
    That I’m a non compliant and a deduction fault payer
    When 34 payments all greater than 16%
    Or being 25£ over 200 threshold
    They can take 435 x 12 = 5000 on a 16000 before tax income
    Travel costs don’t exsit either when working or not
    By the experience of Cms it’s arrears first child support second their money 3rd
    If I was paying the 33 pw to pwc that what my tribuniall said I had to pay
    Then why did you increase it to 295 on a doe or 87 per week from my bankle account ?
    Or if I go bank to work another computer generated letter stathing 320 per month doe plus 180 tax = 500 half my wages
    Stress at 46 years of age is unreasonable
    Life is not all about money
    But being employed covered by employment laws
    Then Cms is in breach of all safe guarding practice
    I could be in tens of 1000 in debt it can only take
    A small amount not 50 %
    Because that is fraud and dishonest
    Not accepting their error of practice also says it’s fraud
    Given false information under the freedom of information act is also fraud
    Taking 6 months 10 months to get a response is also fraud
    My annual review that also is a fraud
    Because the letter said wages don’t change by much so well keep the same
    Controdiction of price Controdiction of practice
    Controdiction of policy guidelines
    This has to be addressed because it’s dishonest
    I cannot earn more than 5000 but Cms wanted 5000 from my bank account?
    This is a crime denying fathers a right to go to work or being able to give to their children Because the ex cess I’ve chargers take away food clothing treats luxuries from the nrp household
    Being classed as a criminal by a criminal practice that just about grab a bit more
    86 per month to 87 per week on a wage that only went up by 600
    How can Cms say it’s balanced and fair practice
    When it’s all brickwall mis leading information
    I had a fba in place so I could pay my contribution towards my kids needs
    Rejected because no money in Cms for them
    So this has nothing to do with kids only money
    By exploitive and oppressive action backed up by the risk of prison loss of a Job effect mental health and ability to be employed when stress and anxiety
    Over ever increasing excessive chargers
    I just don’t understand that the goverment can be in breach of human rights
    And dwp awarded itself at Xmas 44 million pounds in bonuses
    When most of the population was in hardship And strurging to provide for there kids
    My ex doesn’t need my wages
    She can afford two week in the sun take the kids to Disney land 3 times
    I could not even give them a free holiday in Wales in a caravan
    No its abuse

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