CSA is on a mission to queeze as much money as possible out of hard working parents

October 3, 2016

I don’t care how much they take off you as long as I get paid Well that was two years ago the csa/cms which ever one have £4000 in twenty payments I’ve failed to pay my mortgage car insurance and other bills so I could see my children The system of attacking the biological parent who has a stable home an income is a easy target and is expected to be a bank the rate of payment have gone from £84 a month to now £295 as a doe even though they have been paid Can I provide proof of payment yes I can but a doe should appear on the system so before all that I set up a standing order of £130 so I could have some control of payment method I paid ten times I asked to have direct payment which all sides agreed of £100 a month so I could still have contact provide for my home and pay the bills on my property No not enough a doe in nov of £378 out of a £1,000 wage nice of them said that’s excessive which they agreed to lower to £250 so jan of this year 2016 you got it £378 I failed to pay for my home then the next month )250 I contacted my local mp and the payments where reduced to £228 I asked for a mandiorty reconsideration you don’t spend £10 it’s £9,75 so no The duress this company over % chargers I said I want to pay but not at the price your asking I’m not a bank I earn a wage and somehow I manage to live on Not interested your a father sell your car pay your child support ?

The depths of the lies from this company is dishonest it’s about children they have say we are stealing and it’s not about children we will grab as much as possible I read the Bristol report of 2005 by a focus group that said what I’m going through 11 years ago appeal process of doe to the magistrates cintact csa the request to ask that I cannot afford to get to work the mis managerment of this sham /scam It’s from gross oh not net wages ? And your bills are not our concern you owe we want Five times I’ve written for a tribunial over this issue now I’ve got a date in a tribunial Going to seek common sense over this financial abuse I’ve subjected too harressment and lies an contempt they have put me through Where there practice of fairness and balanced system seem far from the truth The fair financial act states a wage to live on The gov web site on money advice if a company leaves you with nothing to live on to buy food clothing for you or your children then it’s abuse.

The children’s act of 1989 no parent should be put into hardship as it detrimental to the children Common law all people should be treated as ordinary and decent people The human rights act 25 right to work live children home education speech and fair process Family court over access if the father works then it’s the mother favour to keep the children and dictate children arrangements The system is floored its corrupt it’s abuse how can a company need to steal the living wage of low income worker when fair arrangements where offered but refused because no profit for this company it’s about children needs the right of the child to have equal contact with biological parents But if cost of living home bills food and other is not taken into account then it’s unfair and being used as another weapon to deny access because of financial abuse I’m now in hardship no food no heating struggling to live because their action against me If I win my case lol I’m going to sue them for a stupid amount to try and stop other people being attacked by this faceless soulless corporation and set up system tailored to personal needs not for profit but for gain to British people being subjected to this nazi party mentality.

How many parents have stopped seeing their children over payments because they just cannot afford to have time how many parents have gone to court to be side lined how many have had so much lies said against them that they just gave up That’s not the children’s fault it’s the backward thinking system that’s about profit How many have taken there lives because of frustration of being classed as a nothing a number a bank account This is a hate crime with no end in site Because they think that it’s legal and being backed up by courts over the basic right of having children We as parents should take back our children and take ownership if the other biological parent cannot afford to live without payments even when part time wages housing benefit chikd support payments and working tax credits and family tax credits are not enough to live on Then they are greedy where as a worker subjected to garnish of wages tuff get on with being in hardship This has been a nightmare we don’t live in the 1950’s we are not able to provide for more than one household the system of abuse there is nothing left We’ll you shouldn’t have had kids if you cannot afford them Men don’t have children women do it’s a biological fact One of many statements from these shower of clowns The report said that csa won’t chase parents that are hard to find instead it’s easier to get the parents who are being legal responsible wanting to have some form of contact access I just think that it’s all mad it’s sending me mad money if that’s what your about just have it !

So kids you don’t get a birthday present or x mas present or a holiday or a luxury because a company needs all daddy’s wages and the home that you have been coming to since you was a child is now gone because the greedy gets needed all daddy’s wages Funny not for the thousands of decent parents being subjected to purjury duress lies and domestic abuse over getting contact with children How do these people not see that they are just making things worse Thanks for reading this and good luck.