Daughter is moving in with her boyfriend’s family so who do I pay now?

June 19, 2018

My 16 yr old daughter (still in full-time education) who lives with her mother is stating that she is going to live with her boyfriends family. My question is how does this work with regards to maintenance. I am assuming that both myself and my ex wife will have to pay maintenance to her BF family? Would the child benefit also need to be moved over to the BF family? My ex is telling my daughter that she will not have to pay anything and she still gets to keep the child beneft too, which I am sure is incorrect. Any advice/guidance would be really appreciated.


  • David says:

    Hello Andrew

    First, the issue of child maintenance. Once the child is no longer within the mother’s jurisdiction (left home), you are not liable to pay child support. Her boyfriend’s family would have to make a separate application for CM but as they are not a family member such as father, mother, grandparents or adoptive parents, they would not qualify. Your liability therefore should cease.

    In regards to Child Benefits, the mother should notify the DWP that her daughter has left home.

    If you need help dealing with the CMS email me at [email protected]


  • King Canute says:

    Hi What should happen versus what does happen are two different things. Don’t wait for the CSA (or whatever it is called now) to rectify things. You need to send them a solicitors’ letter informing them of the change because they will at best drag their feet, or do their usual trick and say you are in arrears without being able to explain why. or some other random action which means you will have to pay them money.

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