Why must I pay the mother if she doesn’t have her son?

May 17, 2014

My son was 16 in 2009, he had left his mothers home by then and was living at the house of a local policeman and his family. I live some 100 miles away! His mother continued to claim child benefit.

The CSA say because child benefit was being paid on the grounds that my son was over 16 and receiving full time education that I therefore have to continue to pay maintenance for him.

However he did not qualify for child benefit because he was not living with his mother, he finished his college course in July 2010, and by August 2010 he was working as casual labour in the building trade.

The CSA will not budge, even the Tribunal support the CSA view. Help!


  • jo says:

    If child benefit is still being paid then csa will still take maintenance…..you need to ring child benefit fraud and give them all the information that you have, I will warn you though it’s a slow process…..been there got the whole outfit!

    Csa will not take any notice if the son were to ring them as they act solely on the pwc, if he can get his son to ring child benefit then he might have more clout.

    You probably lost the appeal with regards to csa because they have acted with what is written in law, regardless if any fraud has taken place.

    Write a letter of complaint to the csa that you intend to contact benefit fraud, outline your reasons with any proof to back this up and tell them you will be seeing your mp asap, put in the letter that you want a written response in a 14 day time frame and send recorded, keep copies. Never ring them and request that you will only deal with them in writing to keep a paper trail.

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