I still have to pay my benefit fraud ex who now lives in the USA!

November 14, 2016

Basically my sons mother moved them over to the u.s.a in august 2015, never told me about it until my mother contacted my lad about where to send his birthday money, to which he replied with an address in Missouri u.s.a, so naturally my mother called me and asked if i knew about it, which i didnt. so after some research i discovered i was no longer obligated legally to pay the csa, so i contact the csa and told them about the situation, few weeks later i received a letter stating i still had to pay, confused i called them up and they explained the only search they do is to see if his mother was drawing child benefit, which she is so as far as they are concerned i have to pay the maintenance money.

So i then contacted the benefit fraud people as it seemed to me if she is drawing child benefit whilst residing in Missouri she was blatantly committing fraud, or so you would think. i gave the fraud people every once of information i had which was quite extensive as i craftily added my sons mothers new boyfriends ex on facebook and she confirmed that she was indeed living there as she lives in the same area of Missouri, i got a lot of information from her, address, school my lad was attending, college my sons mother was attending, their address…even her boyfriends social security number. yet even with all this information the fraud squad failed to conclude she was in fact living in America, ive repeated this process 4 times now over 15 months and im still not getting anywhere.

How is it i can find out all this information within a few hours yet the authorities who are supposed to know this stuff failed to see she no longer lives in the U.K. My sons mother is having a baby this month with her new fella, and i believe they have now got married. How is she still receiving child benefit while living over there when she does not have an address in the uk, not above board at least.im at a loss as what to do next as clearly the channels ive been going through are either not interested or seriously bad at their job….any advice would be gratefully received.