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What will the CSA do if you are on a zero hours contract?

If your on a zero contract, at any time they can say theres no work for you.

So how can csa work out what you pay for a child?

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  1. While I am speaking from theory, the CSA would contact your tax office to see your average wage over say the past year(s) (?) and make you pay on that basis.

  2. They will use historical income.
    Normally the previous financial year obtained from HMRC.
    If you can demonstrate a difference of 25% in income they will complete a reassessment providing you provide evidence.

  3. I typed this is and found this page to find out how much the csa would say I should be paying. I currently pay my ex more than enough for my children regardless put the answers above make me worry.

    I’m working on a zero hour contract and should the csa or government look through my previous 6 wage slips I was earning a lot more then compared to now as my hours are slowly being cut over a quiet time so it would mean I can’t afford to pay for my kids or live myself if they set what to pay based on the previous 6 months.

    If anyone knows the right answer about how the csa works with zero hours workers please post and possibly find a way to tag me in it so I can see.

    Thank you in advance

  4. had a massive issue with CSA for months now. I have just recently retired from the army and plan on taking a holiday from work. I’m not earning but yet still need to pay my ex £399 a month with no income to cover it. I’ve had to stop payments because I feel this is the only way to get my point over to them. Even after over 2 hours of calls and 9 online messages including all proof of my unemployment they still state I have to pay the set amount. I just don’t get how they can go so unchecked within that organisation.
    Is there an ombudsman or an agency that can help out?

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