Can the CSA take my drivers licence?

January 14, 2011

I owe £20,000 to the c.s.a over ten years

I’ve tried to pay as much as i can but because of the reccession the last few years have been tough. Working on the buildings has left me with very little each week, things have become so desperate I’ve had to resort to food & cash hand outs from family members.

Now the c.s.a are threating to either take my licence or send me to prison. So to clonclude the genius that is the c.s.a are going to take my only means of making an honest living by disqualifying me from driving, so rendering me unemployed which inturn will mean i will have to claim benifits to live.

To say this system is flawed is an understatment.

However the worrying thing is the people that man this service have their wages paid for by the tax payer i.e me & you!


  • graeme says:

    Hi Noel

    Unfortunately they can .. there was a case recently where a gardener in SScotland lost his driving licence because he never paid his Child Maintenance.

    I think it is absolutel ridiculous to go through this. If you loose your licence, then you loose your income.. loose your income cant pay the CSA…. BACK TO SQUARE 1.

    Try getting your MP involved, remember they work for you… and they normalyy have more clout against this shambolic bunch of cash sucking arsehole.. than what we normally do.

    To think that they are normal people, just like you and I, but wield exceptional purposes over us is amazing.. no wonder when they get a llittle bit of power it goes to their head.


  • martin dell says:

    i disagree they must go to court and apply for the removal of dring licence does mean they are going to get it they dont have the power to take it themself directly

  • rach says:

    i dont believe any court would take away your driving licence as long as you are paying something! theres a big difference between cant pay and wont pay and the courts would see that. I think that gardener was self employed and probably ignored all correspondence received by csa graeme.

  • chall says:

    Hi Noel,

    Its difficult to say with little info regarding your case.

    If it goes to court, they will enquire into your means. Although it may well be issued, its implementation may be suspended on conditions, ie regular payments.

    chall ~

  • Jeremy Kyle says:


    20 grand over ten years = £38.46 per week. Now if you have not paid your dues then that is your fault don’t have kids. Your debt did not start at 20g so you have obviously not paid you assessment so the debt is your fault. The C.S.A can and will take away your driving licence as a last resort if you have never made payments, this would not of just got to the stage of them taking away your driving licence if you had paid your assessed amount each week and after all this was due to your child or children so this is your fault as i said the debt did not start at 20 grand.

    Although the C.S.A do not get everything right all the time if fathers paid there maintenance each week willingly they would find things a lot easier.

    Remember it is not law to have a case with the CSA so as a parent if you can not be mature and responsible enough to carry your parental responsibilities then thats your fault not the CSA.

    Look at yourself first before you start blaming everyone else and if that fails put something on the end of it.

  • Kev Blythe says:

    Well done csa !!!!

    Job interview so MR x i see you have stated you have been in HMP for what ???

    EH none payment of CSA – oh dont phone we will ring you in your next life

  • Kev Blythe says:

    Well i dont moan about paying any money they are my kids, We all moan about the CSA a failed system.

    If had a penny everytime i heard some one come out with
    1 should have kept it your pants
    2 should have put something on
    3 2 quid cheap really eh

    ya ya really funny I would have enough money to buy them a new computer, a pocket calc is all thats needed really.

    Look at yourself first before you start blaming everyone else and if that fails put something on the end of it.

  • Kev Blythe says:

    that last bit should have been at he top sorry guys

  • andy ramon says:

    ye the csa want to think of what they are doing to people they are shit heads.ive paid for my kid for years.she left school at 16 but they say i owe money for her till she was 19 its a big money scam.csa need sorting out im pissed off with them.i got to go to court my self and god help them when i do i dont care about prison ive done enough of it

  • jadley says:

    You know what, you daddys try and do what we do with little money and help. You try and bring up kids be there 24/7. Sleepless nights sick children, you think you got it hard because you have shit from csa. Take your hands out your pockets and provide for your kids, if you did you wouldn’t be in this mess… makes me. Sick!

  • chris s says:

    It funny that mothers and happily married blokes think all absent fathers are just tossers who dumped there kids and then moan on when they have to pay child support. My wife left me for another bloke when my kids where 2 and 1 and have had regular contact with them ever since including taking them on holiday, xmas presents, birthdays etc. I have paid the csa for 14 years and now when they are both left school they want more than double. So i have to give her over £100 a week to put in the pot with her well paid job and her husbands business while my disabled partner and i live off £200 per week ( mortgage, ctax etc etc ). I’m all for supporting your kids but all i’m doing is supplementing her lifestyle. I’ve never felt so low as i do now, 40 years old and still living in poverty.

  • fred says:

    well i am a court tomorrow either jail or my licence to be honest is either going to make me pay no i go to jail it cost the tax payer money i lose my licence i have no jobcenter i sign on the dole costing the tax payer money either way wont make me pay i have rang up to make payments but was told to wait till after the court case so am getting one of the above in me getting either what happens to my house or my 3 year old son, we dont live in a £150000 house with a brand new car who dont need my money funny how things turn out no wonder people kill themselves over this csa shit hope you enjoy the £17 a week i struggle to pay this is £12 of my tax credits that is to help my family not the child of when i was 19 now 30 didnt want me to see the kid but as soon as i have a child i do see 7 years later things sharp changed but i am just the bad unsupporting father that doesnt pay for his child. get a grip jeremy kyle and kev blythe if i go to jail and then cant get a job who pays me you with your tax because i will be on the dole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Noyl says:

    Csa opporate using admiralty law which is only applicable at sea, an act only carries the weight of law if the governed consent to it! Everyone is being conned by the government! this is what I was recently informed, apparently the csa is a business and is listed on companies house, and the uk is really uk L.T.D. the government has been knowingly steeling money from it’s citizens using acts and statuets which only apply at sea but not on land, the government assume you agree to the act’s and there for punish you accordingly, it’s got something to do with contract law and apparantly even the csa have to prove a contract exist between them and who ever they claim owe’s the money. And unless you have sat down with the csa and completed a contract then technically one doesent exist! my friend studies law and tell’s me he’s going to launch a huge awareness campaign as under common law which is the highest authority on the land the csa are themselves commiting mass freud! spread the word and look up freeman on the land.

  • Pete says:

    A man who is talking sence at last.
    We need to organise a meeting. Everyone. And give 6 weeks notice as where to be. And explain the Freeman On The Land. to father who are clearly getting there pants pulled down.

  • alan says:

    the csa r the most corrupt org in the world. not all fathers r worthless, dont want anything to do with their kids, wont pay ect. some dads r victims of bitter ex wives who ban them from seeing their kids then lie to the csa to obtain more money. i offered the csa £60 until my case was sorted and they refused then obtained an order to arrest £150 from my bank every week and told me the day it started. the have lost numerous recorded phone calls, gave me THREE false email addresses so i missed a deadline regarding a complaint, lost numerous letters even though they were recorded delivery(mix up with departments ect) and so much more. i have not seen my kids for over a year because she gets an extra £5 per week if i dont see them but the csa make it clear they r not interested. a solicitor looked at my case in great detail and said i would win without question but it would cost upward of £5000 as the csa would drag it as long as possible through the courts and they r goverment funded so have endless supply of money but fathers dont and end up running out of money before them thus not being able to complete the court case. many solicitors , citezens advice ect confirm the csa break/bend rules and cosistently act very much immorally but most decent fathers who work hard to provide for their family and pay child costs cant afford legal costs so cant defend thus csa get away with it. i officially apealed and was told during a recorded phonecall that i was due compensation due to being treated so badly then received a letter saying the complete opposite and gues what, csa cant find the phonecall even though i gave the date and time as they had called my mobile. people who look from the outside dont see what reaaly goes on and tar everyone with the same downbeat dad brush. innocent mother who struggle to get by, kids with no dads and honest fathers r the ones who suffer the most, people just stand by and judge instead of fighting for whats right!!!!!

  • pedro says:

    getting disqualified from driving for owing money its rudlicous. dangerous driving, drunk driving yes.. its out off order it cant be right… w**nk*rs

  • mark says:

    I keep getting CSA letters saying I owe 14k running back to 2004!! I paid my sons thick as shit mum every week till 09, she then decided to get CSA on my case just as 1 of her dumb games!! They called and I gave all info they asked for. They screwed it up and didnt take money from wages, mum always grieving me saying give to her after so long, im like fek u, until i get letter from CSA stating they no longer chasing me I aint giving you shit!! I buy my son clothes, have him weekends, buy bits and bobs he needs and give him pocket money, but I will never hand her cash again!! If the CSA ever revoke my license they will find my car in their head office wall pretty dam fast!! This government is completely disgusting and still the way dads are treated is beyond contempt!! These dumb mothers are allowed to play so many games, even when it’s obvious to courts they get no charges, yet a father is always looked upon as the 1 in the wrong and hit for watever the fek they want to take!! They can suck my plums and this country goes more and more down hill daily, if anyone thinks they live in a democracy, think again!!!

  • G E says:

    They don’t just take your license, it is a last resort.. my childs father has paid less than a grand in more than 13 years. It has now got to the stage where they are gonna take him to court. He has no assets so they will take his license. He’s now complaining, that if he can’t drive, he can’t work. Like i care, he didn’t pay when he was working… he has played the system good and proper. Like i said, they don’t just take your license, its a long process. I wouldn’t mind but to help him, the csa has made his payments NIL, so whilst he is paying arrears, his debt is not increasing. You can’t say fairer than that.
    Surely any decent parent would agree that an average of £ 1.30 a week is pretty pants.

  • Mark page says:

    I sit here as a single father of two disabled boys with on going issues of the mother owing £20,000 and get really fed up with hearing (you dads, you so called fathers, dead beat dads), well I’m here to let people know it’s not just dead beat dads there is also dead beat mums as well growing at 7% every year which means that when it’s on the other foot so called mothers are just as bad. If you people spent less time on these sites and fighting more for your child’s rights the world might end up a better place. ITS NOT JUST FATHERS ITS MOTHERS TOO

  • True jenius says:

    I like the way all these morons say shouldn’t of had kids… Well maybe if am the 19 year old women who groomed me when I was 15 stuck to the law there would be no child, if it was the other way round I would of been banged up n disowned. So basically Im paying a nonce for grooming me good system 👍

  • Dan says:

    All women want is csa money..all women are money graping bitches..ive payed my ex for years done everything by the book and all she does is lie and tries to scam me out if more money..she has committed fraud and stolen of people and local housing and gets away with it..i don’t pay for 5 months due to being in hospital I get threatend with court or prison as I can’t pay..all women are after one thing only and ruining mens lives..hence why I hate women and staying single for good

  • Diddy says:

    Honestly. Dudes. Pay your fucking bills. This is a statutory debt. On par with tax and NI. You know what happens when you don’t pay your council tax. Yeah bailiffs are on your door pronto. Where on earth do you think you are where you can wilfully refuse to pay for your own bloody kids. And let tax payers foot the bill for your nocturnal activities. Man up wankers. The CMS is coming for you

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