Do CSA take into account my monthly outgoings?

September 12, 2012

My ex wife and I had an arrangement where I paid £100 a week and picked up all the extras. cub camp, school camp, rugby club fees etc for my lad and for my daughter duke of Edinburgh award costs, school trip to France etc etc.

However she now seems to be under the impression that my wages have increased, I’m self employed by the way, in fact since starting a new contract the opposite is correct, my wages have decreased.

She has contacted the csa and they have made initial contact with me.

I have used your calculator but it seems pretty simplistic to me…do csa take into account my monthly outgoings, or just my tax and NI contributions.

I’m also somewhat confused, do they calculate payments on GROSS earnings or NET???? I have read so much about the csa lately I am totally confused.

I have two months pay statements from my new contract which proves I am taking home a lot less now but csa seem obsessed with what I was earning last year? Why? I’m paid by the hour and it fluctuates weekly, my current contract expires end of October then who knows where I will be working or earning. What rules do they apply to self employed status, I was going to opt for Ltd Company and VAT reg again but hesitant to do so at present.


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  1. Carol on September 12th, 2012 6:51 pm

    CSA take into account your net income, so tax. national insurance and any pension contributions are taken into account before maintenance is assessed. For 2 children you will then pay 20% of your salary in maintenance. CSA will not take into account your mortgage/rent, council tax, utility bills etc.

    You state you are self employed but take home a wage. Are you set up as a sole trader just now and draw out a weekly allowance?

    If you are self employed CSA will want to know what your income was for the previous year to assess maintenance.

    There is a new system soon coming into place by CSA known as Gross Income Scheme. Everyone will eventually be phased over to this and that assessment is based on your gross income figures which CSA will obtain from HMRC.

  2. chall on September 12th, 2012 7:03 pm


    The link below will take you to the CSA’s leaflet ‘How is child maintenance worked out?’. Page 23 explains how the CSA work out earnings from self employment.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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