CSA and Phasing

January 14, 2012

I was on the old system in 2009 and paying monthly payments of £420ish. I then split up mith my new partner and moved in with my terminally ill mother for the 6 weeks before she died. Once i was looking after my mum i contacted the csa and advised them of the situation.The csa done a temporary assessment. After my mum died i moved ito a rented flat and recontacted the csa to update them. I was told that i was now on the new system and that although the new assessment says i should be paying around £320.

However, (here we go)due to the temporary assessment when i was looking after my mum they assessed me as around £500 as i never had a ny outgoings at the time (in mums house). The csa stated that due to the temp assessment and a thing called “phasing” i would be required to pay near the £500 mark as my ex wife is not allowed to have a payments drasically reduced. Phasing is over a 5 year period and will have a reduction of £5 every year.

In short, by having the temp assessment done at my mums house i shafted myself to the sum of around £180 per month if you take into account my temporary assessment and my newst assessment. £500 vs £320 (new system).

This is unfair, unjust and wholly wrong in so many ways.

That was 2 years ago. im still paying just under the £500 mark even although i should be paying £320. Phasing is just another way of the csa shafting you and me.


  • Angry Jim says:

    Im also subject to “Phasing”. When my assesment went up from £133.11 per month to £497.94 per month I wasnt subject to “Phasing” so why should the ex?

    Discrimination at its most base and I intend to send her a bill for the difference during the phasing period, at my last count should add upto £8000.

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