My ex is lying to the CSA – what can I do?

May 25, 2013

Basically my ex partner is telling lies to the CSA lying about the length of time my son is staying with me. Now they expect to pay over the odds for 4 months. Even tho I have sent a court order detailing the time I have my son but they say this is not sufficient evidence. They have asked me to fill out a calendar of the amount of time I have my son but they say I might not actually have my son over this time but the court order clearly states that I will they listen my ex wife’s lies and do not even listen to me what can I do


  • Paul says:

    Tell them that the court order is a legally binding ruling & ask if they are saying that your ex is breaking the law?
    Do it in writing & keep everything.
    If the court says that is what has to happen then if she stops it, she in breach of the order & should not benefit from it.

  • Alice says:

    unfortunately although a court order states the nights that a child should stay overnight with the NRP it does not always happen – as such a court order will not be considered proof as such the agency is asking you to provide further evidence – shared care disputes are an area that the agency rely on both parties to tell the truth as they have no official way of verifying. The agency will ask both parties to provide their best available evidence – if you send in the calendar entries and she doesn’t then the decision will be made in your favour. If she also submits a calendar then the CSA case officer will make the decision.

    The amount of shared care would be shown on your MC letter – perhaps if you let it be known to her that if she does provide false info to the CSA and this information would mean she is breaking the court order then you will take the case back to court she might start supplying more accurate information

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Alice is right my friend. Unfortunately the CSA doesn’t give a flying f*ck what your contact order says.. I have two and they are not worth the paper they are written on. I spent 10k plus on court fees, soilcitors fees, barristers etc and all your ex has to do is flutter he eye lids and everyone believes them.. The CSA by not ruling with contact orders encourage the pwc to go down this road. It is common practice for the CSA to advise the PWC that if they stop contact overnight they will get more money. Of course they will deny this.. Unfortunately whatever the CSA tell you about trying to eradicate child poverty, they only care about collection targets.. The more they collect the more bonus they receive. They do not care about child poverty in second families as this doesn’t affect their bonus…Do yourself a favour if you are still on talking terms with your ex and encourage her to ditch these imbeciles.. Tell her you will go with the amount the CSA calculator says and set up a standing order…

    Alice works for the CSA and is aware of all the incompetence within the agency and their unlawful ways.. Alice why not blow the whistle on this corrupt organisation.

    Good luck my friend

  • Macon says:

    Emigrate !

  • stuart says:

    Alice blow the whistle lol she will be singing its praises when its shut down and jail sentences for fraud handed out, may take a while but will happen and Alice you will be branded as one of those. Cant wait,

  • stuart says:

    The CSA are happy for a PWC to lie and activly encourage it, My ex claimed for 2 years for a child that did not live with her and was not in reciept of child benefit for, The CSA still collected from me, on discovering this the CSA took no action against the PWC despite it being a criminal offence. This company is committing mass fraud and allowed to get away with it, They will in time all be jailed and I can not wait.

  • Macon says:


    The same thing happened to me my son started working the Csa were not interested just pay up I was threaten with jail ,DOE and bailfs after I stop the payments it took 14 months MP involved ,proof of data protection breaches and a big falling out with my son who I had payed maintiniance for for the Csa to back off it was a small victory but I am sure they will come back for the alleged arrears later , I have everything in place to leave this country if they do there is no way I want to put my family threw this again !!!!

  • Macon says:

    I have every call logged and names and extension numbers of those call centre worker who lied I would love for them to be punished for there unrelenting pursuit of me even after I sent proof my son was working ,14 month of my life ruined and a relationship with my son badly damaged this is the thanks I get for paying over
    30 thousand pounds of child maintenance !

  • David WP says:

    My ex thought i was earning more than i actually was. What she didnt realise is that i was actually paying 20% more than i was actually required to because i was concerned the boys (x2) were missing out on after school clubs such as football, spanish and music for example) for approximately 5 years. At her request i was assessed through the CSA paying the £20 one off fee for the privilege. They asked how many nights over the last 12 month period the boys had stayed with me (159 nights). As i had warned her (careful what you wish for) the the amount due went down by 20% and the CSA wrote to the ex to inform her of this. She as ever went ballistic, had challenged this with the CSA as she threatened. If she disagrees with this number all she has to do is state that and the figure calculated automatically defaults to me having them one night per week whether or not it is false information or not. CSA: “its just the way it is because we often find that Dads don’t have them as many nights as they say they will”. this is not infuriating at all especially when its the other way round if anything. She want her cake and eat it and appears the law bends over to that. Who said honesty pays? It doesn’t. Any help, advice or experience on how to progress is much appreciated. Thank you.

    David WP

  • Charlie H says:

    Ex. Claiming that I only looked after my daughter 1 night a week, and its actually 3. CSA believe her and what can I do ??? So frustrating, I want to pay for my daughter but feel that my lying ex is just robbing me, and why do CSA just take her word for it. It’s disgusting !!! Help please.

  • Adam says:

    Hello asking for help my childs mother is lairing to CMS about the amount of night I have my child and even said I missed three months payments so there started taking money out my pay along with charged fees I have proof there were paid off bank statements and a letter of child services saying when a have my child could I prosecute her for this thanks

  • Peter gabell says:

    Did you get anywhere with this as I’m now having the same issue.

  • Dave says:

    Exactly the same situation. They should be done for fraud. If you weren’t paying what your supposed to the CMS would act immediately but because us fathers aren’t the primary carers we are also considered liars!!!!! I had a court order text messages proof of holidays etc etc and still not good enough, she just said “no he doesn’t” and this was ample enough evidence for them. The system is for the mother’s. Same with social services they’re a disgrace aswell.

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