CSA want money even though I have been paying direct for years

August 15, 2010

I have one child through an ex. The csa done a calculation in 2001, I was not living or working in the UK so it was given Zero amount. When in UK in 2003 i started college the csa got in touch and charged 30% of my £80 a week part time wage and 30% of my student loan didn’t take my housing cost into consideration because no children lived with me. I was with new partner had a one child with new partner in 2005 the csa reset amount to Zero but said i owe £3000 in arrears, had second child with partner in 2006 got another letter saying csa was at zero amount and arrears passed onto debt collection agency, which has now been settled, and this is where it get insane.

I split up with second partner in 2009 got a new job and thought that the csa was finished with me, so I started paying ex 1 for one child and ex 2 for 2 children split fairly with no complaints from either ex partner. Howeever, try get your head round this one! The csa off their own back decided to look at the case and sent me the paperwork to fill in, so I phoned them and they said they want me to pay them for child maintenance for ex 1’s child, so i told them that i am paying for 3 children just now, and they said they were not interested in my other two children. So they came up with a figure close to 30% off my salary that i must pay for Ex 1’s child and did not take into the fact that i have shared care off 2 children and that i have ex1’s child 2x per week. Then they transfered it onto the new system for the 3 children. However because of phasing they work out 25% of my salary and split it equally 3 ways which is fair.

However, then they take another 5% of my salary and give it to ex 1’s child because of the phasing difference, therefore i need to pay 30% of my salary when anybody else would pay 25%. Then it gets even more bonkers because if I have shared care off all 3 children then I still need to pay 30% of my salary due to phasing which means ex 1 will get about 25% of my salary for one child and ex 2 will get approx 5% for two children.

So no matter what I will have to pay 30% of my salary regardless of how often i see my children due to a transitional regulation act plus a further 5% for arrears due to this act. Where is the fairness in this. I need help in law i need help, this surely cannot be right.


  • Thomas Annetts says:

    none of its right but what did you expect this is the csa

  • Rick Stirrup says:

    Get a solicitor on the job, you should get legal aid if you're on a low wage.

  • Alice says:

    if Ex no 1 contacts the agency and tells them that she has been receiving payments direct from you then they can adjust the arrears by the amount she declares that she has received. The problem is going to arise if she does not agree that she has received the money and that it was for child maintenance, unless you have receipts signed by her. Failing that if you paid direct from your bank to hers and you can get the bank statements showing regular payments then they may accept the statements as evidence

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