Ex has died but CSA still wants paying

March 3, 2011

I’ve just had a letter stateing my ex has died. The letter was sent by the csa.

I have arrears of £3500 im still paying at the moment. She died last april, the arrears are owed to my ex as she is now dead so do i still have to pay? I’ve asked the csa but they keep telling me its in the hands of their legal dept.

The maintance payments have stopped, I’m still paying the arrears. I dont want to stop paying the arrears in case of them causing trouble but its taken nearly a year to tell me she had died. How long will it take for legal team to sort out? I’ve been ringing them every two weeks. I’m just about to make this months payment.


  • hg says:

    Get advice from a solicitor and contact your MP. They only seem to listen once you have someone in authority on side..

  • gambit says:

    I take it from your statement you weren’t in touch with the child or the mother? As I’d assume you’d know she died if you were in contact!?!! The CSA takes money to support the child, not the parent, so unless you now have care of the child you still have a duty to support the child financially.

  • Leigh Simmonds says:

    well said Gambit! The clue is in the title – CHILD maintenance, its not money for the mother, it is for the child!

  • lyn says:

    I agree with HG get advice from a Solicitor and ask them to contact the CSA for you. You will be chasing your tail and in a years time you will be still waiting for them to let you know whats going on.

    Leigh sorry but some cases the money is for the MOTHER not the child. My ex partner has recently paid a so called debt to the CSA which we thought would go towards the kids and the kids would get it but surprise surprise the children got nothing. Mammy treated herself to a holiday leaving the kids behind!

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