How has the CSA managed to take my protected earnings?

March 13, 2015

My dilemma dates back to 1996 with the CSA and continues till this very day. My ex wife (who sadly died in 2002)claimed from the csa for our 2 children, which was fine to start with as I had them every school holiday and this was taken into account.

However for some reason as yet unexplained by them they began to take monthly payments via deo of £250-£450!!!!

When I contacted them about this I was told point blank “It’s what you owe, and you have to pay it”.

With no help available or anyway to stop this it continued until my ex-wife died.

Ok so from 1999 I then had a 3rd child with my now ex partner, we split in 2003 and things really went to hell from this point. My 2 children to my now dead ex partner where living with there grand parents in Blackpool. However the CSA began to send £450 per month via deo to the mother of my 3rd child. Again when I contacted them to rectify this I was told I was lying and only saying this to stop payments!!!!

In 2006 my dead ex-wifes mother received a letter and cheque from the csa for payments paid incorrectly to another party???

I had moved to Scotland at this time and exasperated at being robbed by the csa went to my local MP who began looking into my case, strangly all payments ceased and I had no letters or calls from the csa till 2011 and then it all started again.

As things stand at the present time they say I owe £12k arrears!!!! and have to pay £250 per month via deo???

I have asked for a breakdown how this amount is owed etc and still waiting.

I now live and work in Leeds as a doorman and earn approx. £500 per month this month they have taken £153!!!! but on one of there letters it states my protected earnings are £523 per month!!!! How have they managed to take this money and who or where can I go for help.