15 years worth of arrears have suddenly been demanded by the CSA

September 9, 2011

The CSA have informed my husband he has £19,000 in arrears dating back to 1994. He has always paid maintenance for the children it’s relating to by standing order to his ex wife. His ex wife has never disputed the payments (that we know of) so we don’t really understand why the CSA were involved in the first place. These arrears (in the CSA’s eyes) have obviously been mounting up for the past 15 or so years and they originally said it was £35k, but re-assessed and came up with the £19k.

We have officially complained and have had a letter back today saying it’s correct and it must be paid within a set period of time (2 years I think). They have said that they plan to apply to the court to seize goods to pay it. I am really worried about this as we have a 4 year old daughter and my husband has just been made redundant.

If they get a court order can they take goods from the house even though effectively they are half mine and the debt isn’t my debt? Can they force us to sell our home to pay it off (we live in a part buy/part rent property and the mortage is in joint names). If my husband truly owes what they say then he is willing to come to an arrangement with them but not for the amount they are asking him to pay every month as that would have a huge effect on us.

It disgusts me that this Government agency doesn’t care how they get their money (they have even said we can pay by credit card) and that it’s forcing families into poverty and debt.

Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


  • mick says:

    Excactly the same thing has happened to me,I went straight to my MP.he now deals with it.I have a deductions of earnings order on my wage and iam at court next week.the first time was adjourned as the CSA came with no evidence and they didn’t go through the mps office,your not alone go to your MP he will sort it.

  • John says:

    I think that i am correct in saying that the CSA cannot demand monies from prior to 2000. S that is worthy of investigation and a complaint.Also, complain to the Independent case examiner.

    Do not believe a word that the CSA say. Do not speak to them by phone. get everything in writing as evidence.

    Ask for a full breakdown of your account and alleged arrears.

    Go to your M.P. and embarass the hell out of them and write to Duncan Smith at the DWP!

    Good luck!

  • John says:

    PS. DO NOT give them any financial details including your credit card details, if they have them cancel the card!

  • Lyn says:

    Unfortunately, they have the law on their side and like Mick said the same thing happened to him.

    They forced the sale of my ex partners home for a so called debt they said he owed £32,000. Within weeks they got their liability order and started the ball rolling.

    Its a pity your names was on on the deeds alone therefore, I would not be able to touch the house. In our case they didnt care about the money or share I had in the property. I was told I would have to take the CSA to court to get my share of the assets back.

  • martin dell says:

    find out when the cliam was made for cm as they can on collect from that date

  • joanne says:

    my advice is to give durham legal services a call, they only specialise in csa cases, have helped us a great deal.

    makes me so angry that this organisation just bullies the innocent, i am a pwc and nrp and trust me, its bad either way.

  • SUPAJBC says:

    We are having the same problem, dating back from years ago, my hubby apparently now owes £9,000 brought down from £25,000! they now have sent us both court dates, as they want to put the charge on our home!! my hubby pays every month and tops up with extras for his daughter. our home was originally brought for me by my ex husband as my divorce settlement for me and my two lads, i got re married and hubby moved in and of course is now on the morgage!! can they take from the house? especially as this is my divorce settlement and future for my two lads?? they are a disgrace the csa his daughter is now 17 and we have been hounded and bullied by the csa for many years. why why why. we are normal inocent people trying to live our lives after my hubby was made redundant and now this again!!! i suffer from high blood pressure and this stress is just adding to my ill health. any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated

  • terry scott says:

    Its cheaper to buy a gun and find the CSA bastards..what is it with the government! And the DWP is hell bent on distroying families, fathers, NRPs through no fault of their own.

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